What Are Dreams Made Of?

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 31 October, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I saw your Dreams Reiki Energy Candle and wondered if this candle could help me remember my dreams. Jane P., Baltimore, MD


Reiki Dream Candle

Dear Jane: There is indeed a lot of energy in these candles bestowed by Reiki energy and I would not be surprised if the Dreams Reiki Energy Candle would facilitate your remembrance of dreams. Other people have told me that just to intend to remember a dream brings about a certain ability for remembrance. Another friend of mine puts her laptop near her bed so that she can awaken herself at any time and quickly jot down the dream.

It is in understanding our dreams that we can approach the greatest significance of them. Unfortunately, the content of our dreams can shift suddenly with bizarre elements that are misunderstood and have terrifying imagery.

Meany theories exist to explain why we dream, yet no one fully understands their purpose. In fact, some researchers claim that dreams serve no real purpose. Explain that however to the many followers of Carl Jung who give great meaning and purpose to dreams and in fact, these dreams assisted Dr. Jung in understanding many of his patients’ psyches.

In his book The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud suggested that the content of dreams was related to wish fulfillment.

While Carl Jung shared some commonalities with Freud, he felt that dreams were more than an expression of repressed wishes. Jung felt that dreams revealed the personal and collective unconscious and believed that their purpose was to compensate for parts of our psyche that are not expressed in waking life.

As psychoanalysis became more popular, so did dream work. There are techniques and ideas that anyone can call upon to interpret their dreams. Myriad books and dictionaries of words and symbols are available to interpret dreams. Is a flower just a flower in a dream? Or does it mean perhaps an opening to life or a new beginning? Does a bird mean a bird also in that context? Or could it mean somebody wanting to fly upwards or outwards in their lives?

Enjoy your Dreams Energy Reiki Candle and any dreams that may result from lighting it. Good luck in remembering them.

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