Yoga Basics

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 7 November, 2014

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I saw an old copy of the Yoga Journal and wondered if it was still around? Laura P.,Akron,OH


Yoga Basics

Dear Laura: It is certainly still around, and in fact, a wonderful distillation of articles, yogic disciplines, pranayama and asanas are now found in Yoga Basics, a beginner’s guide to yoga by Mara Carrico and the editors of Yoga Journal.

It is still alive and kicking, thank goodness, for I too remember many years ago how special it was to have a magazine devoted to what was then an esoteric art and discipline. The editors of the Yoga Journal have brought together a totally readable and concise edition of the many branches of yoga, varied teachers, and guidelines and advice for practice and poses in this book.

The editors of the Yoga Journal found that over six million people today are practicing yoga and sixteen million wish to begin a practice—not bad, I’d say, for a discipline that was spoken of only in small circles many decades ago. It seems that people are now realizing that their aerobic workout, while beneficial for youngsters, does not translate as well for those who are getting on in years and are suffering from bad knees, ankles and shoulder injuries. It seems that people are willing to embrace an exercise that is kinder and gentler to aching and tired joints. More than that, yoga is known to enhance one’s mental and spiritual outlook also in a very deep and affirmative way.

The mission of Yoga Journal was to bring together all aspects of yoga without belonging to any single tradition, but embracing the elements of many. They were thoughtful enough to respond to the questions a beginning student has in relationship to yoga: What teacher should I consult? What poses would be appropriate and beneficial for me? Do I have to believe in God to do yoga? Does yoga interfere with my religious practice in any way? All those considerations are addressed in this very readable and understandable book.

The Yoga Journal is to be congratulated for bringing many years ago an ancient discipline to a western readership and providing enlightenment to so many.

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