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February 25, 2015 on 12:00 pm

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Somebody told me that Japanese incense was superior to Indian incense; is that true? Rosalind B., Norwalk, CT

Morning Star Musk Incense

Dear Rosalind: That is an interesting assumption I have yet to hear. However, I am ready to address it. First, I would have to ask why is it superior, although I must admit that some times I like Japanese incense because the scent seems to hang lighter over the room in which I meditate. By that I mean Japanese incense fragrance appears to dissipate more quickly and is useful for quick meditations before husband and children might appear in the common room. In that regard I prefer Morning Star incense scents that are packed with a small, porcelain burner tile that fits the width of Japanese sticks. And if you want to know my favorite, it’s the Morning Star Musk Incense Sticks.

Morning Star Musk Incense sticks are truly eco-friendly in that plants like musk flowers, muskwood and musk seeds are used as opposed to the glands of the sweet musk deer used in ancient times. And Morning Star Musk also has that subtle fragrance that means I can use it daily without any residue left over after I do a short meditation of approximately 20-25 minutes, just right for a wake-up meditation.

Did you know that musk is the basic ingredient of many perfumes? The scent itself is hailed as a superior perfume. However, it also has medicinal uses such as a tonic for the heart, a cure for ‘melancholy” and a general safeguard against weakness and disease. Many people find that the smell of musk can invigorate the system to such a degree that they are inspired to put in that extra hour of pleasure or work.

Japanese incense, similarly to many Indian brands that Ma’s India purchases, are made from natural ingredients that combine to produce a spiritual atmosphere. Most Japanese incense is made from a combination of flowers, sandalwood, aloeswood, cedar, cinnamon bark and pine.

The Morning Star Musk Incense sticks are 4.5” long and are packed 50 to a box. If you haven’t tried Morning Star Musk Incense, you are in for a real treat!

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