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March 20, 2015 on 12:00 pm

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you tell me something about the Buddha-Lounge series at Ma’s India? Lori Z., Lake Tahoe, NV

Buddha Lounge Series

Dear Lori: Just as you wrote this, coincidentally I walked into Ma’s India and was listening to Hotel Tara, the next installment in the Buddha Lounge Series. I was transported at once to a very ethereal, yet seemingly grounding musical feeling. I attribute this feeling to the fact that Hotel Tara seems to combine Indian instrumentation with what has been called “subtle retro-lounge flair.” It is reminiscent for those of us who have spent some time in lounges, most popular I think during the 60’s, where you could visit a lounge, which had mostly relaxing music with a slight alcoholic cast over it. Now it seems that there are less lounges and more clubs that cater to younger and more hip styles.  I might add the music is much louder also, which is sometimes harsh on sensitive ears.

To answer your question, however, the Buddha Lounge series began in Europe under the guidance of Christoph Buhring-Uhle. This series quickly became a bestselling phenomenon due to a seductive blend of downtempo electronics and music made by some of the most creative artists and DJ’s from around the world. In 2001 David and Steve Gordon entered into a partnership with BSC Music to bring the series to the United States. Their music became such a big hit that they have continued to release more in the series by choosing, compiling and mixing the tracks themselves. These Gordon guys have a keen ear for finding the right songs and creating sets that flow seamlessly from one song to the next. The Buddha Lounge Series has thus become an even bigger success in the States, winning many awards.

If you love some of these pieces, which are quite intoxicating, combining relaxation with an upbeat style, and what some may call the “chill” factor, check out our site for other compilations of this Buddha Lounge series.

As an added note, you might be interested in the fact that Tara is a very eminent Tibetan goddess, which adds to the spiritual flavor that casts a spell over this music also. A very powerful goddess, you might want to pay Tara some homage in your mind as you listen to this delightful compilation. You’re going to want to check in, but not check out, at Hotel Tara for an enjoyable and exciting listening experience.

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