Beauty of an Om Pendant

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I’d like to tell my girlfriend how much I love and appreciate her, not only for her kindness but the beauty of her soul. What would be a great gift for her? Sam P., San Diego, CA

OM Pendant

Dear Sam: I’d give her the Om Pendant we are carrying in Ma’s India. The beauty of an Om Pendant can only reflect the beauty you see in your girlfriend, not only physically but honoring the spiritual aspect of her. I am assuming that you wish to do this in light of the fact that you are calling upon me as Spiritual Explorer to assist you in your purchase.

This Sterling Silver Om Pendant has the Om surrounded and encased in an exquisite filigree design; it also comes with a cord to wear around the neck. I also have to mention that the price of this Om Pendant is truly reasonable considering the captivating design. I am so convinced that your girlfriend will love this Om Pendant that I wish I were there to see how she responds to it.

At this time in our culture, I think we all know how the word Om, a seed word, has permeated our lives, primarily through yogic and meditation practices that were mostly familiar to those who wished to engage in esoterica, but now has evolved to pretty mainstream engagement.

Did you know that Om is also spelled as Aum, which indicates in the latter’s case that it can be intoned with three syllables, thus making it longer and more drawn out? When thought of as a trinity symbol, it represents Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, in the Hindu religion, similar to the trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost in Christianity.

In most cases, however, Om is usually recited at the beginning of a chant, sometimes at the end, and is usually affixed to many mantras at the beginning. Om is a sacred sound that when chanted joins thousands of other chants that are currently being chanted in the universe, thus adding to its potency.

Hindus believe that as creation began, the divine consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as Om. Before creation, it was said to be emptiness or the void. The vibration of Om symbolizes the manifestation of God in form. Just another view of how the word or sound manifested in this universe.

Om to me has always been a comforting sound, bringing me back to an awareness of my self, helping to soothe and restore harmony to any discordant feelings I might be feeling at any moment. When chanted in a group, the Om sound also harmonizes all elements within the group, bringing serenity and peace to all who chant this extraordinary sound.

Enjoy the beauty of Om Pendant, as it will bring peace, beauty and love to all who chant the awesome Om.

Spiritual Explorer

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