Benefits and Uses of Lemongrass

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 29 May, 2015

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I notice that lemongrass oil has recently had an upsurge in sales. Can you speak of the benefits and uses of lemongrass and why it is so popular? Randy P., Miami, FL

Lemongrass Oil

Dear Randy: One of the reasons is that there are so many benefits and uses of lemongrass, not only as an oil, but as a tea and medicine. The other day I had lemongrass tea and can’t think of anything healthier and more refreshing than lemongrass. Whether using the dried leaves steeped to make tea or the extracted essential oil, which is found in Ma’s India as Triloka Lemongrass Essential Oil, its therapeutic qualities make it a complementary remedy for a wide spectrum of ailments and reflect the many benefits and uses of lemongrass.

The lemongrass I drank was grown by an arm of our ashram called Sustainable Kashi where we attempt to grow and harvest plants and veggies that are not only organic, but self sustaining. When we say self-sustaining, we refer to those veggies and plants whose whole purpose is to be consumed wholly and not just partially. This means that the object of any growing plant is to be able to use it stem, flower and fruit. For instance, when one grows a particular flower, it is wonderful to know that it is not only decorative but can also be ingested. This is but a small example of sustainability.

Not surprising, lemongrass is a grass, and many grasses were harvested and put into a big pot of water where it soaked and boiled up. The lemongrass oils were dispersed throughout the tea and the fragrance exploded into the kitchen. The great thing about lemongrass is that it permeates all of your senses and in that moment, you can feel a great deal of healing energy also occurring in the room, thus adding to the benefits and uses of lemongrass.

Benefits and uses of lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant that is commonly used in Asian cuisine but may also provide therapeutic and medical benefits. Some of the benefits and uses of lemongrass are that it is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antioxidant. The main chemical component found in lemongrass is citral, an aromatic compound, also known as lemonal. It is the presence of citral which accounts for lemongrass’ lemon scent. Its antimicrobial qualities make it either destroying or inhibiting microorganisms. Citral also contains antifungal properties. This chemical has pheromonal qualities, which explains its industrial use as an insect repellant. It also has a positive effective on the body’s ability to use Vitamin A. Lemongrass has rubefacient properties, meaning that it may be able to improve blood circulation.

What is lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a perennial plant with thin, long leaves and is indigenous to India and other areas of the Asian continent including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Vietnam. There are more than fifty varieties of lemongrass but not all are suitable for consumption or medical use. The lemongrass plant usually reaches heights of three feet or one meter and is found mainly in the wild.

Additional benefits and uses of lemongrass

The most common preparation of lemongrass for tea consumption involves picking and leaving the leaves to dry. The dried leaves are brewed in hot water for a few minutes. After straining the leaf residue, any desired sweetener may be added. For flavoring recipes the crushed or pulverized dried leaves are added during meal preparation. It can add a unique citrus flavor to culinary concoctions. I don’t think there is any more refreshing tea than lemongrass which provides a vista to the outdoor.

As you may note, there are so many uses and benefits of lemongrass in terms of lemongrass tea and lemongrass oil. I particularly spray drops of the lemongrass oil when my room needs to be refreshed. I can also use the lemongrass oil in my massage oil which adds a lovely scent. I can truly see that the benefits and uses of lemongrass are far reaching and numerous. Try it; you won’t be sorry.

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