Are Chakras Real?

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 26 August, 2015

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I get really tired of people spouting all this spiritual stuff about chakras. So my question is, are chakras real? Sandra P., Biloxi, MS

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Dear Sandra: I sympathize with you since I too I hear many people talk about spiritual matters that they seem to have no experience with, especially these days when everybody says they are a healer and attempts to get on the alternative therapy bandwagon. Are chakras real is a great question.

I have always been somebody who believes in talking from experience and not because of what I call the whole ‘love and light” syndrome, which I encountered in California in the 70’s. Lots of people were eager to share their unauthenticated knowledge of chakras. I do know however, having been a massage therapist, that I personally have felt some kind of energy that emanates from different centers of the body. I am sure my fellow therapists would agree.

Are Chakras Real From Experts In the Field?

It wasn’t until I encountered the works of Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan and a few others that I began to give true credence to the concept of chakras. These women brought chakras out of the mystical “hooey” realm and attached them to various psychological states and physical illnesses, which lent a lot of credibility. What I liked best was that they brought the experience of chakras down to the pragmatic level where one could focus on a particular place in the body where a psychological or physical occurrence was occurring and perhaps correspond it to a certain chakra. Then if one were to deliberate on it, they might find some actual relevance. I am also however of the belief that if one has a medical problem, there is nothing like traditional medicine for diagnostics. Then if you decide to heal it in an alternative way, at least you are fully informed.

Are Chakras Real From Ancient Information?

You can go onto many sites on the Internet where there is lots of information about the chakras, especially the commonly known seven chakras. Understandably, there are many more chakras in the body than seven, but for the purposes of this essay, I am relying on the traditional seven.

Base Chakra: physically relates to legs, feet, spine and kidneys. If unbalanced, unstable, insecure.

Second Sacral Chakra: Reproductive system, sexual organs. Consciousness associated with food and sex.

Solar Plexus: digestive system, muscles: low self-esteem, stomach ulcers, and feelings of power.

Heart Chakra: Heart and circulatory system; perceptions of love.

Throat Chakra: Throat, mouth, neck, ears, communication issues.

Third Eye: A knowing of spirituality, headaches, blindness.

Crown Chakra: union with God; headaches, nervous disorders

Are chakras real confirmed by an intuitive.

I have also heard of someone considered by Ken Wilber, a noted transformation therapist and scholar, to be quite remarkable in her abilities. Her name is Michal Levin and listening to her on the Net, I have to say that she felt very legitimate and authentic. She spoke of always working from observation. What is unique about her is that she had no previous conceptions about chakras or energy healing, but began to meditate. As a result, she began to have an ability to see energy. As to whether are chakras real, her experience is that she apparently sees what she calls ‘energy junction boxes”, bands of energy around the physical body that connect to the “causal” plane, the plane from which all things rise from within the body.

Final comments on are chakras real?

I don’t think that the question of are chakras real is in the same category as does Santa exist, although some skeptics might see a similarity. When one describes an intuitive, it is someone who has a sight that is not limited by conscious reasoning. There is sometimes a “knowing” attached to it, a knowing that feels authentic at the time it is being professed.

As with mystical religious experience, one cannot easily dismiss nor dispense with some remarkable insights and experiences that arise from these “knowings.” For that same reason I would say that if you were to encounter someone who says they are an expert on chakras, you would have to rely upon your own “knowing.” It’s the same with the experience of love and other matters; it comes down to relying upon your own knowing. And in that sense, we are all intuitive.

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