Five Essential Oils You’ll Need When Shipwrecked

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 5 September, 2015

Well, perhaps this sounds a bit over the top—the thought of being shipwrecked on an island with my oils. However, I notice that these Triloka Oils are also labeled “essential,” so for the purposes of adapting that word to my article, I am taking them at their literal meaning. Here’s my list:

I am assuming that having been shipwrecked, I might be suffering a lot of anxiety. In that case I might massage peppermint essential oil on my abdomen or place a drop on my wrists and temples for general relaxation. If I were attempting to think of how to survive this experience, I might even place 2 drops of the essential oil on my tongue to help improve concentration and alertness.

Thinking of the energy I would need to build a canoe or some craft to get off the island, I might even apply peppermint oil to the back of my neck to keep my energy up. And if I were hungry looking around for food, I might inhale the peppermint oil because it has become popular to use it for curbing appetite.

Now I might have used peppermint oil for my anxiety, but the true and ancient remedy for anxiety and nervousness is lavender oil for sure. There is no doubt that on my mythical island there are probably many types of bugs like mosquitoes, midges and other assorted tiny creatures. Applying some of the lavender oil on my exposed skin when outside can prevent irritating bites. Lavender also has anti-inflammatory qualities to reduce the irritation and pain associated with bug bites.

Getting a restful sleep at night so that I will awaken with the necessary energy, I would use lavender as a treatment for insomnia. Lavender is also helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression and nervous tension, all maladies accompanying this foray into my mythical island.

Triloka Tea Tree Oil h is a wonderful antiseptic and healing balm for any infection that might arise as a result of my travails on the island which might include climbing trees—ha ha—to lookout for those passing ships or planes searching for me. And if I were to fall off my tree, it would be handy for any cuts and abrasions, burns, insect bites or boils I might suffer.

A short shout out to Web MD which even endorses tea tree oil for its antibiotic properties for skin infections, lice, scabies and athlete’s foot.


Lemongrass always refreshes my spirit as I sprinkle it around my room or use it in my diffuser. When I get discouraged, my lemongrass essential oil will lift my spirits, boost my self-esteem and give me the encouragement I need to conquer this challenge. It only requires a few drops in your water and a quick inhalation for revitalization and renewal.

Surprise, Surprise! This is a very grounding and earthy oil very necessary if your mind tends to run away with fearful thoughts that are not helpful for survival. If you were to get stranded on any island, I am sure you would want to have a scent that reminds you to stay pragmatic, practical and focused. However, late at night, if I am nostalgically inclined to reminisce about the 70’s, I will think back as to how it represented free love and joy,one of the most popular scents for those of us who lived through that era.


While you might not be shipwrecked on some island, nevertheless, these oils will help you conquer and resist any fearful space in which you might find yourself stranded.

Good luck!

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