6 Meditation Accessories

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 19 September, 2015

Okay, some would say we don’t need any tools to meditate. We just need to get quiet and sit for however minutes necessary to bring about some relaxation or deep sense of peace. Some would also say that similarly, you could just go out on the river or chop some wood or bake a cake, especially if those choices bring you into silence and concentration within yourself. Okay, I agree.

However, sometimes we need ritual, and when you need ritual, you need some items that if you shake, rattle or roll them, they serve their purpose of evoking a soothing meditative vibration.

For me, using any one of these meditation accoutrements, separately or together, invites me into that silence I long for much more quickly. It’s as if I am announcing my intention to the gods and I am being heard more quickly. For the sake of brevity, I am going to choose a representative of each item for your perusal. However, these are but one of several items to choose from at Ma’s India.

I don’t think it’s a mystery that when one rings a bell, there is a sound that creates a vibration that like the ripple effect moves outward into the atmosphere. In itself it seems to bring a quality of stillness to our meditations. Accompanying a bell is a dorje, a representation in Tibetan Buddhism of a thunderbolt in the form of a scepter, symbolizing the male aspect of the spirit. The dorje held in the left hand represents skillful means and the bell, held in the right hand, represents wisdom. Together they represent wisdom and compassion.


Lighting a candle is a sine qua non in a meditative practice. Again, similar to the bell, it appears to emanate an aura of peace. Gazing at the candle also brings the mind into one-pointedness. Continuing in the compassion mode, I have chosen a wonderful Compassion Reiki Energy Candle charged with Reiki energy with scents of orange blossom, vanilla and chamomile, thus adding to a sensuous and spiritual experience.

I particularly like our Om Copper Offering bowl which can be used for prayer and as an incense holder. The wonderful thing about this bowl is that it becomes a miniature dhuni that incinerates the paper upon which you have written your intention to rid yourself of a challenge in your life. As the smoke rises, it will no doubt bring you closer to your meditative self.

This is my favorite incense, a mixture of sandalwood and frangipani. It is one of the most popular incenses for meditation, originating in the Sai Baba Ashram in India. You will find this incense being burnt in most ashrams all over the world. It is a scent that truly transports you to the realms of quiet and peace.


Our Kali Prayer Shawl is one of the most popular shawls on sale here at Ma’s India. As you don one of these shawls, particularly this Kali Prayer Shawl, you are wrapped in the essence of the deity you invoke. This shawl comes only in black, in keeping with the blackness that Kali projects as she consumes your karma.


This is one of my favorite meditation items to rest upon an altar. It is a Tibetan ritual tool used for destroying and slaying any negative and evil vibrations that might surround your meditative space. Its purpose is to cut through both illusion and delusion of the mind. You can take it into your hand and simulate cutting away the phantasms of your mind, asking for clarity and discrimination.

Now that you have brought all of these tools into your special prayer space, may I wish you a wonderful meditative experience!

If you have a question about “Meditation Accessories,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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