5 Must-Haves for a Spiritual Vacation

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 17 October, 2015

So the children have been packed off to grandma’s for a week, husband has sallied off to a business trip, your mother-in-law has recovered from her operation and you are no longer needed by anyone. So you think, what am I going to do now? And then suddenly you say, it’s time to think of “me” and the spiritual vacation I have been planning for a long time.

Of course you wonder whether you should really take that meditation course offered in the Netherlands or perhaps visit those sacred spaces in India. But then you demur, thinking about the effort it would take to shrink yourself into a tiny space on a plane for a very long ride, notwithstanding any other misgivings you might have had about traveling. You remind yourself that your foray into spirituality is to be a relaxed spiritual vacation, not an arduous climbing of Mt. Kailash seeking answers from a guru whom you never met.

And so you finally remember that cute little place on the boardwalk not far from where you live that faces out onto the ocean and has some cheap rentals—a place where you could go where nobody knows your name and you could plan your very own spiritual vacation.

And then the aha moment occurs where you realize that taking a spiritual vacation is about vacating your mind, so that you may focus on what will bring you spiritual happiness, allowing old thoughts of responsibility to fade and new concepts of yourself to arise. You want your spiritual vacation to be a pilgrimage which occurs spontaneously and results from your own intuition and effort. You alone will decide upon the appropriate breaths, postures and meditations. You will become the pilgrim of your own destiny.

Five things to bring with you on your spiritual vacation

A spiritual vacation must have a tote bag to put all one’s accessories in. The colorful Embroidered Om Tote Bag is big enough to accommodate a book, incense, bell, candle and even a small statue as well as a few articles of clothing.


Meditation for the Love of It, a book by Sally Kemper, is a book that will not require that you take vows and leave your family to become a renunciate. In fact, it is Ms.Kemper’s purpose that you find a meditation to become the favorite part of your day and she has 40 years of experience assisting people in this regard. She offers at least 20 practices for discovering the experience that meditation was meant to offer.

Truly any one of the Ganesh statues would be small enough to put in your tote bag and for the purposes of this blog, I would recommend a very sweet Ganesh with Large Ears, that could satisfy your whimsical yet spiritual nature for a spiritual vacation. This Ganesh is only 2 l/4 inches tall, small enough to fit in your tote bag, yet personable enough to receive a prayer.


Ringing a bell, particularly the slim Ganesh Bell will announce your intention to the gods and goddesses of your desire to vacate your mind, which is the true purpose of a spiritual vacation. This will bring about the silence and reverence that you desire.

Indian Temple Incense is incense to adore and is appropriate for your spiritual vacation. While many types of incense seem to bring you immediately into a meditative feeling, this exotic perfumy incense evokes an additional feeling of lightness and joy with it.


The best part of a spiritual vacation is the hope that you will emerge from your pilgrimage lighter, freer and with more confidence in what you hope to accomplish in your life with a deeper sense of commitment to your spiritual self.

Good luck to all of you who can go on a spiritual vacation!

If you have a question about a “spiritual vacation,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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