Five Holiday Gifts for Yogis

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 21 November, 2015

When I began writing this blog, which seemed to have a perfectly reasonable title, I wondered whether anyone ever thought of gifts for yogis. I think the assumption might be that yogis really don’t need gifts because they are all renunciates or ascetics. On the other hand, there is also the thinking that yogis, having given up material gain, might really appreciate a gift of some worth.

All that being said, I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone preparing a gift basket for a yogi. What this does lead to however is: let’s start a new custom of buying gifts for yogis, which I am sure all yogis will support.

It is my contention that yogis are people too, even though they may seem to be on a spiritual path that perhaps people don’t respect as a real profession. However, it is my experience that they have desires just as others do and might also wish for some gifts that would enhance their lives. I think the difference might be that even though yogis might appreciate material benefits, that they realize more acutely that the mere acquisition of them will never bring them happiness. They have somehow for the most part fallen off that wheel of materiality, feeling that true joy lies within. Nevertheless, it is my belief that gifts for yogis would be much appreciated by them, especially the sort of gifts that we listed below.

Here are some really nice holiday gifts for yogis:

These are easily worn as shawls or perhaps even draped on a prayer table or altar. Their colorfulness is sure to brighten a mood, prayer or table. Reasonably priced, one might consider a tableau of colorful shawls as a present. Imprinted with sacred symbols on rayon with 36” x 72” dimensions.


If I were to receive this singing bowl, I would be overwhelmed both by the beauty and the sounds that come from the wooden baton as it encircles the rim of the bowl. There is a Tibetan double dorje inscribed within the interior of this bowl, which represents the diamond-like nature of Buddha’s teachings. The sacred mantra for compassion, Om Mani Padme Hum, repeats around the rim’s exterior. A handsome antiqued bronze finish completes this amazing bowl with a sound that evokes the deepest part of your soul.

Have you ever heard an angel sing? That is Snatam Kaur. This CD features recordings that were captured during a particular span from 2006 to 2007 with favorite selections from her concerts. Her voice is called “heavenly” and will make you want to immediately sit and meditate as her sound resonates in your head.

Wearing an Om Deity Pendant kind of announces to the world that you are relying upon a spiritual force that encompasses all religions. In fact, it says that you are at one with the deepest, most resonant sound of the universe. When you meditate on this symbol ,you are connecting with the oneness of ancient traditions. This Om Deity Pendant is unisex and can be worn by males and females alike.

It is said that yogis sometimes will meditate in conditions that are less than comfortable, especially if they have a teacher that requires this of them. There is nothing better than wrapping oneself up in this Ganesh Tapestry Throw Blanket, which can make sitting under the stars in questionable weather even more pleasing. You can comfort yourself knowing that you are being held by Lord Ganesh himself as you open yourself to his blessings. This blanket is made in the USA and is easily washable.


I have to mention at his time that when you buy gifts for yogis, especially the gifts that are shown above, you are also giving to them the gift of acknowledgment of their choice to pursue a lifestyle that is not always acknowledged as worthy of praise. I thank you for your awareness and generosity.

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