Attitude of Gratitude Brings Hope

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 25 November, 2015

I have always known that the attitude of gratitude is often recommended when one is faced with some catastrophic illness or an untoward event where there is a feeling of losing control in one’s life. When these events occur, one looks around and sees where he or she may grasp upon a slice of life to rely upon.

A diagnosis of cancer inspires attitude of gratitude

One friend referred to her sudden diagnosis of cancer as suddenly being on a ship that was about to go down. Looking for a ballast to provide balance, and being always pro-active, she told me that surprisingly she landed upon listing the items in her life for which she experienced gratitude. In her case, she just needed to look over to where her husband was cuddling with their two year old daughter. As she allowed a feeling of gratitude to wash over her, she told me that in the midst of this trauma, she began to experience a silence, sense of peace and consequent empowerment.

Relying upon that place of peace, she was able to plot her recovery. I am happy to report that she did survive very well. However, she also told me that from this experience on, she began a meditative practice of cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Every day when she woke up in the morning before anyone was awake, she would look around and give gratitude for what she saw around her.

Benefits of attitude of gratitude

It has also been reported that an attitude of gratitude eliminates worry because it reminds us of the abundance of the universe, which gives rise to the knowing that we do not stop being supported in our journeys even though it feels as if our lives have taken a major detour.

Most importantly, I believe that an attitude of gratitude brings us back to the present moment, to all that is working perfectly right now. Tomorrow may bring new difficulties, and new assaults on our serenity, but for now, we can feel a place of calmness within us.

Thanking Oprah for reminding us of practice of gratitude

Many people thank Oprah who, before she retired, would talk a lot about an attitude of gratitude and recommended journaling in a book every day of things that we were grateful for. Oprah’s talent was to bring into the mainstream old practices that suddenly took on new force and verve, what some might call a new perception of an old wisdom. How easy it is to forget those pieces of wisdom that are so obvious, but get crushed in the business of life.

Ram Das has also reminded us many times that when cultivating spiritual life, we must “love, serve and remember.” A practice of daily cultivating an attitude of gratitude, not only reminds us of what it means to be spiritual, but also will continue to inspire us.

Here are some products we may reach out for that will enhance our attitude of gratitude.

by M.J. Ryan 

This book reminds us that the attitude of gratitude empowers, heals, inspires and fosters heartfelt well being. It is a powerful healing, beautifully rendered by its very simplicity. This book is laid out in the most straightforward fashion, allowing us to read it leisurely and joyfully.


by June Cotner

Here we have an enriching collection of prayers, poems and quotes chosen for their power to bring more joy and wonder to life by encouraging an attitude of gratitude. Contributions by writers from many walks of life include Rumi, Anne Frank, Walt Whitman and Helen Keller. Uplifting collection of prayers, poems and motivating quotes.

Here we see an exquisite picture of a Buddha making an offering to his Beloved with a stance of gratitude. This sepia toned card conveys a very profound feeling of gratitude to anyone  fortunate enough to receive this card.


This deep blue candle, handmade by Crystal Journeys, is charged with Reiki energy and infused with lavender, clove, musk and cedar. Like all Reiki candles, the scents are delicious and right on with purpose. This gratitude candle arrives with this message: ”In gratitude I am in unison with the energies of life and grateful for all the goodness my life has revealed to me. Allow me to extend this feeling of thankfulness and direct it according to my desires.”

by Ma Jaya Bhagavati

Ma Jaya in one of her recorded talks was always diligent about giving tools and steps towards cultivating happiness and peace on the spiritual path. In this video she pays homage to the practice of cultivating an attitude of gratitude, along with service and laughter, as one of the main steps towards realizing harmony in one’s life.


Any one of these items serve as reminders to always, even in the midst of trauma and upheaval, remember to cultivate an attitude of gratitude which can only assist us in recovering the self that brings peace to our lives.

If you have a question about the “attitude of gratitude,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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