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By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 19 December, 2015

Dear Spiritual Explorer: We all talk about how materialistic Christmas has become and yet I wish to still extend a small gift to my friends for sentimental reasons. Any suggestions? Rose P., Boulder, CO

Dear Rose: I feel the same way, although I must admit that sometimes small businesses wait the whole year to make a big sum so that they may exist the rest of the year. Unfortunately, when we set our mind on certain moralistic aspects of how things should be, somebody is inevitably hurt also. However, we can still support our merchants by purchasing many gifts under ten dollars.

I think that buying any one of these wonderful gifts below, all under ten dollars, will both satisfy your desire for less materialism and also afford you the ability to give meaningful gifts to your friends. I remember once when I was very young I received a gift of 8 quarters, glued to a very personal poem addressed to me. It was enough to do a load of laundry at the local laundromat and was a thoughtful and considerate gift that I have always remembered.


Ma’s India has a plethora of Japanese, Indian and Tibetan incenses, sure to please the most discriminating nose, all reflecting gifts under ten dollars. Today I choose Natural Incense from India, which fragrance doesn’t fall into any specific category—unless you think of the word “aromatic and special.” It’s a rich mixture of herbs and flowers, which seems to carry the scent of Nature herself. The really neat thing is that all of our incense carries the possibilities of many gifts under ten dollars.

Price: $4.95

Ma’s India carries any one of a number of cards in which you may write a particular sentiment to your friends or relatives that expresses your true heartfelt wishes for this Christmas season. What I also appreciate is the variety of cards which also have blank pages inside to allow you to express your own poetry or feelings, all gifts under ten dollars.

Price: $2.95

Anodea Judith is a worldwide expert on chakras and gives the most explicit and comprehensive explanation of chakras.

By learning to energize your chakras or energy centers, you begin to have control of your physical mental and spiritual well-being. As you read this book, you will feel inclined to awaken your intuition, open your heart and deepen your spiritual connection.

Price: $9.95

A beautiful poem where this great Mother Guru shares her own life of service, it is a tale of the heart of a mother being moved by the plight of her children and other compassionate caring. An exquisite book carrying a spiritual and moving essence.

Price: $5.00

This is but one of a number of deity pendants that are available at Ma’s India as gifts under ten dollars. Choose from these deity pendants: Shiva, Hanuman, Durga, Saraswati and Om. They are exceptionally priced gifts of jewelry in brass or silver that those on the spiritual path will truly appreciate. God Ganesh will help you to overcome your obstacles in this life.

Price: $9.95

I don’t know anyone who would turn down this pocket statue, which goes neatly in your pocket so that you may carry it around no matter where you go and becomes your constant companion. Made of ivory substitute material, it is hand cast and full of detail. You will love your pocket statue, which also comes with the faces of Durga, Lakshmi, Krishna, and Ganesh, a deity for every preference.

Price: $9.95

This 100% pure essential oil is representation of our desire to surrender to Divine Will through the vista of the Crown Chaka. It is made of lavender, neroli and frankincense. Many of our other chakra anointing oils from the first to the seventh are all available as gifts under ten dollars.

Price: $9.95

Hope you find from any of these gifts under ten dollars something that fits the recipient of your good wishes. Have a Happy Holiday!

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