Benefits of Rudraksha Beads

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 6 January, 2016

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have heard there are many benefits of rudraksha beads other than they adorn the great Shiva. Can you tell me more. Sam J., Middleton, WI


Dear Sam: It’s interesting to me how over the years living in an ashram I have always heard of the most simplistic explanations of the rudraksha beads. The most common one I have heard is that Shiva looked down on the world and began to cry at its misery. However his tears turned into rudrakshas and it is said that whomever wears the rudraksha beads are promised Shiva’s compassion. For that reason, I have always worn a very simple Rudraksha Mala with Tassel-6mm. What I did not know was of the many extraordinary benefits of rudraksha beads. In fact there are many.

Benefits of rudraksha beads

It is said that whomever wears the rudraksha bead will always possess good health, be respected by others and  attractive to all. Other benefits of rudraksha beads is that they are worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, financial gains and eradication of evil forces.

Before we all run to the local apothecary hoping to find rudraksha beads, I think I might mention some conditions. First, you will not find them in any drug store, at least not in America, perhaps in India. However, you will find many at Ma’s India.

Rules to follow when wearing rudraksha beads

While many people wish to enjoy the benefits of rudraksha beads, there are certain rules to follow:

  1. Rudrakshas should not be worn during sexual intimacy.
  2. Rudrakshas should not be worn when visiting a new born baby.
  3. Rudraksha beads should not be worn when visiting a cemetary or cremation ground.

Other benefits of rudraksha beads

Rudraksha beads tied together with copper wire and worn with a red thread in a locket will improve the attentiveness, memory ability, and interest in studies. This is certainly a boon for the aged, infirm and general students.

Most interesting to me and which I would find quite valuable is that if you were to put 9 rudrakshas in a bath tub, you would get the benefit of bathing in the Ganga in India. Now that is certainly a worthwhile benefit of rudraksha beads since one might consider bathing a visit to the Ganga each night. What a wonderful way to begin one’s puja at night also.

As a side note, in various countries of the world, people belonging to different religions are asking their children to wear rudraksha beads as a talisman for the planetary problems of the world. What I appreciated about this is that it doesn’t matter what religion you are, you are wiling to adopt a different custom for the benefit of the world. This also confirms that rudraksha beads can be worn by any person without the consideration of nation, religion, caste or sex.

Benefits of rudraksha beads malas

It is said that malas made of rudraksha beads are really the best malas to do jape,the meditative repetitive practice of counting beads and chanting a mantra chant. It is also said that rudraksha malas have characteristics of gold, copper and electromagnetic power which is energized by cosmic rays which can transmit perfect health due to its good conductor properties.

Other interesting medical benefits of rudraksha beads

I was told by a certain Indian friend that he remembered as a young child being ill and his mother kept rudraksha beads in a cup of water overnight for six hours and gave him this water to drink to restore his health. While this is primarily anecdotal, he also advised me that he stayed pretty healthy through his mother’s ministrations during his childhood.

I am glad that I have taken the time to see many of the benefits of rudraksha beads. It feels that one is participating in age-old rituals and beliefs that add substance to my meditation. Enjoy!

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