7 Meditation Room Ideas for Marcy

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 9 January, 2016

Many people buy three or more bedroom homes where they set aside one of these rooms as guest rooms or luckily, a meditation room. Other choices might be healing or yoga rooms. My friend Marcy, thinking that I had my finger on the pulse of mediation room ideas, has asked me for some suggestions as to what to place within in this room. What has been wonderful to watch is that Marcy is so excited about this new change in her life. Not only is she carving a space for herself, but she considers this space to reflect the new spirituality that is coming into her life.

I asked Marcy for some precise meditation room ideas that would fit her personality. For instance, I wanted to know which murti or statue was meaningful to her these days. I feel that any one of these statues can be interchangeable. When one has pursued a particular attribute and made it their own, one might be open to another as a central focus. In Marcy’s case, she told me she loved Shiva for now and wanted him put smack dab in the middle of the room. Size, she said, was not a consideration. The bigger the better.

Marcy is also someone who loves comfort in her rooms. Her house is kind of what I would refer to as shabby chic, and I thought she would like one of our tapestry blankets to either hang on the wall or wrap around her on cooler nights as she did her meditations. She agreed.

And then of course there were the other accoutrements such as bells, incense and music. So I am presenting these items to her now for her perusal. See if any of them are of interest to you also, dear reader, when you also think of your meditation room ideas.

Meditation room ideas for Marcy

Marcy is not exactly the strict contemplative; She is more mercurial and that is why I chose the Shiva Nataraj statue, the dancing form of Lord Shiva. This statue represents both the creation and destruction of the universe, and reflects the cycles of death, birth and rebirth. This is a personally powerful piece for anyone’s personal altar. I liked it especially since it represents Shiva’s mutable nature in that one never knows when he will decide to destroy and then resurrect the universe. It adds a feeling of volatility and interest to a mediation room. Made out of aluminum, it is a stunning piece and is 23 inches tall.


As I mentioned, Marcy likes a shabby chic motif. As I understand it, shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, it has a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, to resonate with that décor.


I thought a wonderful tapestry blanket that would also add a softness and cottage-style décor. I particularly chose the Ganesh Tapestry Throw Blanket for the simple reason that Marcy loves elephants. Of course, Ganesh is no ordinary elephant, but is capable of removing any obstacles she might face and would always bless her efforts. And even better, Ganesh is always evoked for new beginnings.

What would a mediation room be without a Meditation Pillow Cushion? In keeping with desire for comfort as well as austerity, these cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls for comfortable meditations and a removable cover for easy care. They are designed with a “V” shape for greater support of the thighs. These pillows are truly the most comfortable that Ma’s India has offered through the years.


Other accoutrements that belong in meditation room ideas:


Tibetan Healing Incense comes from herbs picked in the Himalayas. These monks practice making incense like an art form to give you the maximum healing potential from their incense. It will help Marcy turn inward toward the self she longs to contact.

Knowing Marcy as well as I does, I know that she is interested in eventually doing healing work. She has a tremendous amount of energy, and sometimes overdoes herself. For that reason I have chosen the Positive Energy Reiki Candle which is seriously charged with Reiki energy. It is designed for the specific purpose of giving her positive energy containing the essential oil ingredients of frankincense, dragon’s blood sandalwood and saffron. This candle will allow her to attract positive energy into her life.


This one was easy. Marcy’s favorite singer is Snatam Kaur and I recommend Anand, the Sanskrit word for bliss. Snatam creates in her music a space of meditative calm. The serene flute harmonies of Manose are the topping on the cake, making this soundscape one of heartfelt peace and bliss.

And for the final piece of meditation room ideas, I have selected for Marcy this great 5” bell and dorje. The dorje is known to cut through illusion and this powerful brass bell will call all the gods and goddesses that Macy will need to enhance and illuminate her foray into deeper spirituality.


I hope Marcy will enjoy those meditating room ideas chosen with her in mind that will bring the peace and bliss she longs for. Happy new Meditation room, Marcy and Happy New Year.

If you have a question about “meditation room ideas,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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