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Hindu Deity Series: Ganesh Remover of Obstacles, a Most Popular Guy I would go so far as to say that Ganesh is one of the most popular of all Hindu deities. Some would say because he is known as Ganesh remover of obstacles and promises to remove obstacles and thus restore hope to an ever-changing and frightening […]

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The Spiritual Explorer Shares Her Insights about the Benefits of Bergamot Oil Dear Spiritual Explorer: I read where one of the benefits of bergamot oil is that it can be used to help reduce weight? Is that true?  Rose P., Milltown, Ct Dear Rose: The Latin words citrus Bergama, translated as bergamot orange, is a fragrant […]

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Hindu Deity Series: The Spiritual Explorer’s Perspective on Shiva God of Destruction It has always been interesting to me to hear people remark upon the Hindu Shiva God of Destruction as if its philosophy is something novel in the amalgamate of world religions. Various beliefs of creation and destruction of the world We are of course familiar […]

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