A Krishna Statue Compels Joy

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 13 February, 2016

Sometimes people think that spiritual path can be one of having to mind one’s spiritual p’s and q’s with no reward in sight. It is at those times that the path can become one of drudgery, interspersed with periods of spiritually flailing about alternating with other periods of knowing and calmness. Yet when I imagine I hear the flute of Krishna in the background of my life, I am reminded that the spiritual path can also be one of joy and lightheartedness. That was one of Krishna’s messages which one recalls when gazing at a very popular Krishna statue where Krishna is shown playing the flute. Krishna is known by several names including: Vasudeva, Bala Krishna, Gopala, and Govinda.

Krishna statue both powerful and lighthearted

This lighthearted attitude was similar in some ways to that of Christ in that he encouraged his disciples to be playful and joyful when the “bridegroom” was present. Neither did he demand that his disciples engage in extraordinary rituals; rather he asked them to be loving and humble. Similarly, Krishna asked that his disciples not engage in any ritualistic sacrifice during his time, but celebrate rightful or dharmic action. As you can see from any Krishna statue, Krishna morphed into not only a very powerful god but portrayed a youthful and frolicsome companion. We are also reminded of his ability to appear to his worshipping gopis in any form that they found attractive to them.

What Krishna statue is desirable to you?

This lovely and small Krishna statue is made of composition material and resembles ivory. It is hand-cast and very durable as well as washable with mild soap and wawter. I have a small puja table and these smaller statues fit the bill. Did you know that Krishna was colored dark blue or black which made him more comely to his gopis?


The intricate details of Ma’s India’s pocket-sized statue of Lord Krishna reveal his playful nature. As a young man Krishna would play his flute while tending the cow herd and playing with the gopis. Krishna with his flute reminds us the spiritual path need not be burdensome, that it is all right to play and dance and sing in praise of the Lord. Hindu symbolism says the flute playing Krishna reminds you it is right actions that are the ideal path to salvation (The pocket statue is artfully detailed and created by hand from an ivory substitute material.

Ma’s India elegant brass Krishna statue makes a positive cheery statement on your puja or in your home environment. Here is the flute which he uses to entertain his gopis. Our Krishna statue in brass is almost 1-1/2 feet tall, a stately addition to your home or puja.


Radha was the love of Krishna’s youth. Radha did not want to live without Krishna so she regularly performed a puja to keep him at Brindavan, running through the forests, playing with his friends, and in amorous pastimes with her. Our faux ivory Krishna statue captures Radha’s graceful beauty and Krishna’s love. You’ll enjoy having them near you to lighten and brighten your day. This delightful Radha Krishna statue is hand cast and has an imitation ivory cast.

Whenever you gaze at your Krishna statue, you will be immediately brought into a place of peace and joy. Celebrate your life with this Krishna statue!

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