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Hindu Deity Series: Hanuman statues that comply with wishes for humility and devotion If I were to ask for humility and devotion, I would of course rightly assume that any Hanuman statue brings devotion. Each Hanuman statue brings devotion and depicts Hanuman’s service and utter fealty to his Lord and Master Rama. One only needs […]

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Hindu Deity Series: Does the Durga Statue Reflect a Hindu Philosophy of Barbarity and Violence? During one of my reveries on the Hindu gods and goddesses, I have wondered why there was so much violence, not only with their own in-fighting and jealousies, but with other deities as well. This has been an object of curiosity since many […]

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The Spiritual Explorer Talks About the Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil Dear Spiritual Explorer: If you had only one healing oil to choose, which would it be? Sarah P., Pensacola, FL Dear Sarah: Since I’m always thinking of healing, having been in the holistic healing profession for years, I would first think of an oil that would […]

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