Saraswati Statue Wins Beauty Contest

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 5 March, 2016

Well, I guess I’m going to have to nominate Saraswati, who even cast in bronze, ivory or resin, can emanate an aura of light and beauty. When I ask whom the Saraswati statue is competing with, I will only have to look at the other feminine Hindu goddesses of Kali, Durga, and Lakshmi goddesses celebrated as a trinity of divinity at Durga puja.

Some people might object to my crowning Saraswati as the prettiest especially since Lakshmi, so abundantly pictured and portrayed, is quite comely herself. I think I have chosen the Saraswati statue because there is a gentleness and harmony about her as she plays the lute, which adds to her beauty. When Saraswati plays her lute, she can inspire you to a harmony within yourself or perhaps even compel you to action. Of course, this is also my opinion for today.

Sarawati statue is not just another pretty girl!

Well, she’s just not another pretty girl. When you bring a Saraswati statue into your home, you are also bringing in the creative force of the universe. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music and art. She is also a great communicator and those of us who have had problems with dyslexia or other speech impediments have been known to have asked for her assistance in perfecting their speech.

The Saraswati statue is usually depicted with Saraswati having four arms. Her front two arms indicate Sarawati’s activity in the physical world, her other two arms the spiritual world. She is playing a veena (lute), which symbolizes your mind and intellect, meaning you need to keep your intellect and mind in tune in order to live in harmony with the world. When you are in harmony with the world, you can use your acquired knowledge to benefit human kind. The mala in her rear hand denotes meditation, contemplation and concentration, which lead you into samadhi. Samadhi thus liberates you from the bondage of the world.

A Saraswati statue to add to your life

A friend of mine studying to be a musician carries this little pocket statue as she attends college. Here this Saraswati statue is shown playing the veena, which represents the rhythm of music symbolic of all human emotions and feelings. Perfect to carry in your pocket, this Saraswati statue is hand cast from an ivory substitute material. Tiny glass beds are embedded in the material to add shine and strength. There is a wealthy of detail in this tiny Saraswati statue.

This is a formidable Saraswati statue. You may pray to her asking for knowledge of your true self. Her name comes from two Sanskrit words: “Sara” (essence) and “swa” (self). All manners of people including scholars, pupils, teachers and scientists pray to a Saraswati statue for continued knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge for the harmony of mankind.

This Saraswati statue is made of resin and is 2.5” high. Her front right hand represents your mind and her left hand represents your intellect.

Our vivid Saraswati statue is sitting in a lotus, the flower that reminds us that it’s possible to rise out of the mud and blossom into great beauty.

When one sees Saraswati playing her veena, one may realize the power of music to enthrall, mesmerize, hypnotize, harmonize and also compel one to action on behalf of goodness. This is a wonderful colorful statue that can teach you listening as well as communication skills.


A mandir protects a statue and this Saraswati statue is safely ensconced in her mandir from which she can emit her powers of the intellect and reason. This Saraswati statue in mandir emanates a more powerful aspect of Saraswati and can endow your home with a feeling of devotion and the sacred. This Saraswati statue is 5 inches high and is made of resin resembling ivory. She is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. The mandir itself is made from soapstone.

There was a river called the Saraswati in Vedic times.  The ancient Harappan civilization developed along this river and the Indus River.  It was here the earliest written language in India developed.  It is believed Saraswati now personifies communicating excellence because of the role the river played in the Harappan lives.

When you invite Saraswati into your life you are asking for creative thoughts, and words to flow like a river.  Saraswati is interested in helping you create a personality that will enrich your environment.  You’ll enjoy the presence of this goddess in your home.

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