Tarot Meaning of Deeper Significance

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 23 March, 2016


Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Many of you know me as the Spiritual Explorer, but don’t know that I have also been a tarot practitioner and author of Secret Teachings of the Tarot, An Initiate’s Remembrance, an e book which you can readily get online. In that book I often speak and acknowledge the Rider-Waite deck which has truly served me well during my tarot journey, especially when I explore true tarot meaning.

Tarot meaning at the outset

I call it the tarot journey because beginning 40 years ago, I started out as a young initiate of the tarot, first using it for future divinations. As I progressed, I saw that dealing in the future did not fulfill what I ultimately hoped for in my readings. I actually wanted the tarot meaning to give an accurate portrayal of a person’s life as it presented in their lives right now. It was my desire that these readings would amplify and clarify what a person was facing at this time. I wanted to deal with the present as opposed to the past or the future, although, uncannily, I have found that the past and future can be revealed at the same time. I would readily say that if you do not see the tarot meaning of your life at this moment, you would not be able to construct a future from your knowledge now. As an example, if you were dealing with say alcoholism now and not acknowledge it, you would not have much of a future.

A search for true tarot meaning

I discovered that when people came to me for a true tarot meaning, that they were often in denial of how they lived their lives. Some had addictions that they were unwilling to admit, some denied relationships that were dysfunctional and many were living in a false reality that they had successfully established. Most people coming to me wanted to know the future, looking and hoping for something better, but still not sure what they were unhappy about. This is of course typical of us for wishing for a better reality without acknowledging the current one. This is for the simple reason that if you were to become aware of what your life was now, you might have to change it. I laughingly say that I am not rich since I tell the truth, although hopefully in a kind and compassionate manner. It was for that reason that my teacher Ma Jaya told me that she liked what I did as a tarot reader and initiated me as the resident intuitive at Kashi Ashram in 1979. I often say she knew me before I knew me.

The significance of a true tarot meaning

A true tarot meaning is to be honest or at least willing to accept what the layout presents. Many have come to me saying that their lives were wonderful and just wanted to see what the cards reflected. When the display showed that there were some “unpleasant” aspects in their lives, they often broke down and cried, admitting that they had been in denial and the tarot meaning gave them a chance to work on what was revealed. Moments like that were what I hoped for because I felt that we could then truly work on what might be missing or lacking in their lives.

Tarot meaning with deeper significance

At this time in my journey regarding tarot meaning, I am examining the role of karma in the layout. When I talk about karma, I like to simply state that it is about that behavior or habit that we continually maintain that keeps us from living the best and most prosperous life that we can. There is no blame however, because much of karma or habituation is arises from developing  habits or behavior that were necessary in the past for our survival, whether it was psychological or physical. Because of my own spiritual growth, with regards to understanding the possible role of karma, a tarot meaning takes on new significance.

My readings have always been about attempting to free somebody from a delusion or habituation.  I personally have begun a new journey of becoming more deeply  aware of some habits of mine that no longer serve me. When one’s inward journey manifests outwardly, for me, particularly, it results in a desire to bring a new dimension and focus to my readings for others. My intention is to also help others awaken through the tarot cards the unconscious survival habits that no longer are useful to them. More on that later in my new book!

Love, your Spiritual Explorer

If you have a question about the “Tarot Meaning,” or if you wish to explore your karmic habit, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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