My 5 Favorite Mantra Meditations

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 16 April, 2016

I have to admit that I have lately become a mantra maniac. Why is that, someone might question. I’d have to say, it’s because nothing else seemed to bring me into the detachment I now realize I have been seeking my whole life. Again, the question might be, how does detachment bring you joy? In truth, from what I have read, the whole purpose of being detached is eventual joy. And again, the question is, how do you figure that? More on that to be seen in Baba Ram Dass’ book Miracle of Love where Ram Dass speaks of how  spiritual detachment is synonymous with joy, and in that regard, speaks on the importance of mantra meditations.

Miracle of Love

When you think on joy and detachment, and apparently the original Siddhartha Buddha thought a lot about this, it’s all about suffering and the cause of suffering. Boiled down, the cause of suffering is desire. If one was to truly look at their lives, one might notice that there are all kinds of desires. Here’s probably the most important:

  1. Desire to be loved—Numero Uno
  2. Desire to be acknowledged
  3. Desire to meet the spouse or companion of your dreams
  4. Desire to be healthy
  5. Desire to be wealthy

Please don’t fault me for not listing all those other multi-formed and faceted desires; there are so many. If not fulfilled, many of us find ourselves unhappy and think we have failed in life. If you were to have a spiritual teacher, they might then tell you that this unfulfillment, if followed diligently and observed and not allowed to bring one into depression and nihilism, might lead you to true happiness and fulfillment. Not many of us initially believe that, of course.

My personal disappointments

On a personal level, I have found myself disappointed in all of those above listed desires, having in the past thought my joy was entwined with them. However, not content to just allow my desire for joy become fallow and unrealized, I have come to realize a small glimpse of joy and credit that with my mantra meditation.

Inspired by that, I continue the journey. Doing mantra meditations is not a quick fix however, for sure. For me mantra meditations have become a slow sloughing off of the ego, which grasps at desires that can only be fulfilled outwardly. If you do your mantra meditations with purpose and perseverance, one day you might find yourself glimpsing, even for a short while, the ultimate peace and hence joy that resides at the bottom of your searching. When you are allowed to see through the mirage of unfulfilled desires, you finally have the opportunity to glimpse the self that hides beneath outward illusion. Hold onto the remembrance of that feeling and try through repetitive mantra meditation to stretch out and make permanent that feeling.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite mantra meditations. A good thing is to start your mantra meditations at least twice a day saying your mantra 108 times each time.

Spiritual Explorer’s Favorite mantra meditations

Having been to many mantra meditation workshops, I was always gifted with many complicated mantras to take home and adopt as my tools. One day I woke up from my endless searches for the perfect mantra and realized as I looked at all the deities or statues on my ashram, that I had some obvious choices to place in my mantra. At my interfaith Kashi Ashram, there are statues to many deities. There are Shiva, Hanuman, Christ, Buddha, Kali Durga, etc., etc., etc. All I have to do is just add “Om” and “Namah.” Any one of these could become your easily adapted favorite mantras for your mantra meditation.

1. Om Namah Shivaya

If you’re looking for detachment, Om Namah Shivaya will do you very well. This God Shiva sits on top of Mount Kailash, for the most part in utter bliss and detachment. I am fond of saying that his consorts had to do extreme asceticism and renunciation to grab this guy’s attention. This mantra leads you powerfully towards spiritual maturity and will truly help your spiritual growth.

2. Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

Lakshmi is the principle of abundance. She is such a powerful feminine force that continued use of her Sanskrit name generates abundant creative energy. She holds aloft the torch of prosperity in all its form and for all beings.

2. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

This mantra is purported to remove energy blockages and is the mantra originally designated for worship of Ganesh, that wonderful elephant deity that removes obstructions in our lives and to whom we pray when beginning all new ventures. If you are plagued with a repetitive act that you wish to dissolve in your personality, this mantra will truly help you. Remember, our intention also helps in this regard.

4. Om Dum Durgayei Namah

Calling upon the powerful Goddess Durga, this is an extraordinary mantra to remove fear. It is easy to say and memorize as you do your mantra meditation. Let the power of the feminine energy of protection, Durga, be available to you in your time of need.

5. Om Shanti Om

This mantra is all about peace, something all spiritual people desire, especially now in these times of upheaval. While many of us feel we cannot do anything to curb the violence and unrest in this world, we can certainly pray for Shanti, the word for peace.

These are but a few of the mantras I love and which you can also find, together with many others, in any number of mantra books available. I wish for you that your mantra meditations bring you the peace, joy and enlightenment you desire in your lives.

If you have a question about “mantra meditations,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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