Pandit Mukesh Desai At Kashi

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 25 May, 2016

Mukesh Desai

On June 3-5 one of our favorite presenters, Pandit Mukesh Desai will be here at Kashi Ashram to present Yoga of Sound. What is Yoga of Sound? It has been described as yoga’s long history of applying sound to reduce stress, maintain health and invoke spiritual awakenings. It is also the art of mantra and how the practice of mantra can help to restore the flow of energy within the body, thus enhancing well-being in a very deep and profound ways.

Pandit Mukesh Desai is an internationally acclaimed performing artist and teacher of North Indian classical music, and a foremost disciple of the legendary singer and master musician, Pandit Jasraj. He has performed extensively in the US, Canada, London, Germany, Austria, Brazil, South Asia & India. He is highly appreciated for his voice quality, music performances and teachings.

Concert of Devotional Music

In Mukesh’s workshop, he will offers his students the opportunity to explore sacred sound, Vedic mantras, kirtans and chanting, guided sound meditations, the scale sysem and Hindustani raga system.

Speaking with Amba Greene, an Ayurvedic practitioner and longtime devotee of Ma Jaya, she related how she initially connected with Pandit Mukesh Desai in 1998 in California. She became so enamored of his musicality and talent that she invited him back to Kashi where he has been giving workshops ever since. As Ms.Green explained to me: ” All of the different paths of yoga understand that Sound is the original form of energy which gives rise to prana, breath and movement.”

Ms. Green continues of Pandit Mukesh Desai, “He is a sound master who has spent his life studying the art and science of sound.When we understand kirtan in a very deep manner, we realize that it can connect us to a universal vibration of love. The concept of sound is at the root of all this. This workshop will be led by a very down to earth and unassuming spiritual man with an amazing sense of humor and extraordinary ability to plug people into the sound current. “

This is a very exciting event and we are honored to have Pandit Mukesh Desai with us for this amazing presentation of yoga of sound. You will have an experience that you will long remember and savor.

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