Four Spiritual Greeting Cards

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 1 June, 2016

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I sometimes find it difficult to put into words my feelings for people who are undergoing some difficult times in their lives. I usually wind up sounding trite or giving hackneyed phrases that are met with wonderment or blank stares. Do you think spiritual greeting cards might answer my dilemma? Jill F., Reno, NV

Dear Jill: For those of us who find ourselves at a loss for words in any kind of situation, I have always relied upon the spiritual greeting cards available here. I might be prejudiced, but I have been in awe at some of the sentiments expressed by them. These spiritual greeting cards range from anonymous to Thich nat Hanh and seem to be able to express exactly what I had hoped could communicate my feelings.

I have to admit however that if I were on a desert island with people and no spiritual greeting cards, I would resort to some other favorite responses which might include a gentle squeeze of the hand, an appropriate(these are dangerous times) arm around the shoulder, a brief message saying, “I am here for you,” and if you are capable of transmitting love through your eyes, an attempt to do so. As an aside however, I will tell you that when I had a very serious illness at one time, a person attempting to convey a feeling, gave me instead what I call the “pity look” rather than the compassion look. This is a true distinction and the “I am feeling what you are feeling look” should be attempted only if one is very sure of giving the look of compassion.

Here are our special spiritual greeting cards:

Buddha Peace Card

1. Peace card
Just looking at the color of burnished gold and bronze emphasizes the sanctity and holiness of Buddha’s statue as he sits quietly and contemplatively This is a great card if you have just argued with someone and are regretting the argument. It says, “I would like peace between us.” A great card of reconciliation personally and for the world also.

Imagine Card

2. Imagine card
Does this not remind you of John Lennon’s song Imagine and does this card not portray all of our hopes and dreams for a peaceful world? The card with Ganesh seemingly elevated in an “imagine” world tells us to give our prayers to Ganesh, remover of obstacles, so that he may perform what looks to be formidable these days.

Play Card

3. Play card These play cards come in packs of 3 with envelopes. The text on the front of the play card says: “Revel, Carouse, Cavort, Enjoy, Gallivant, Play, Celebrate,Indulge,Frolic,Twirl,Great Fun.Can’t think of a thing more to say than that! Enjoy!” Sounds like an invitation to have a good time! Perhaps you are too shy to invite somebody to come play with you and this card will certainly do the trick in a very fabulous way!

Green Tara Gratitude Card

4. Gratitude card 
This gorgeous gratitude card shows the bestowed smile of Green Tara as she blesses the world with her kindness and benevolence. This is a card that says with one word how grateful you are for a certain gift, sentiment or deed.

These are some of my favorite spiritual greeting cards, and I think that you will find other cards that can also express what you wish to convey in any situation. Good luck!

If you have a question about “spiritual greeting cards,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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