7 Prayers for Chakra Healing

By The Spiritual Explorer

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I would like to do some work on prayers for chakra healing. Can you give me some suggestions? Roma P., Boston, MA

Dear Roma: I have been reading Secrets of Prayer by Nancy Corcoran, CSJ, an inspiring and lovely read. In this book she asks us to discover the secrets to expand our prayer lives:

Secrets of Prayer

Secrets of Prayers

  1. There are multiple ways to experience the holy
  2. Your body is a source of energy for prayer
  3. Your senses are vehicles of prayer
  4. Diversity nourishes prayer
  5. Interconnectedness gives prayer life and
  6. To learn about prayer, you need to pray

Unlocking these secrets to prayer, her book invites you into the practices of prayer, mediation and contemplation, showing you that prayer doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t need to be planned when doing chakra healing.

In relationship to the body being a source of energy for prayer, Nancy speaks of the chakras and particularly chakra healing with an eye to illustrating how blockages within the chakras can actually impede and obstruct chakra healing. As the energy flows within the various chakras, chakra healing brings about increased love, compassion, insight and communion with the Divine.

7 Prayers for chakra healing

  1. First chakra: Gratitude is the key to prayer that unlocks the energy we hold within our body. A prayer at the first chakra would be one of gratitude for the safety and security we expand in our lives even if we are feeling unsafe and insecure. “Today I give thanks for the security and safety that is in my life.”
  2. Second chakra: The second chakra energy is highly seductive, but is nevertheless our energy source for any processes of generativity and creativity. A prayer at the second chakra would be another prayer of gratitude, this time for the energy we have for relationships, with ourselves and then with others. “Today I give thanks for the energy I have for relationships.”
  3. Third chakra: This is the chakra healing energy we tap into when we exert control over our lives. Chakra healing with this chakra is proactive. It is not passive but it is the energy for decisions. Humility is the key to the third chakra healing. “Today I gave thanks for my gifts and for the giftedness I see in others.”
  4. Fourth Chakra. Unlike the first three chakras, chakra healing now moves outward. The commandment to love others as ourselves is typical. “Today I give thanks for the love I have for myself and pray that it might increase the love I have for others.”
  5. Throat chakra: Chakra healing in this chakra is linked with the concept of abundance. Ask and you shall receive.“Today I give thanks for the compassion I receive and share with others.”
  6. Sixth chakra: In this brow chakra, our unconscious motivations become clear and we experience a “knowing.” “Today I give thanks for the insights I have been given; may I use them for the healing of the world.”
  7. Crown chakra: Being conscious of this chakra keeps us aware of the energy that reaches toward the Divine. Chakra healing would be one of gratitude for the consciousness we have of the Divine in our lives. “Today I give thanks for the awareness I have of how the holy is present in my life.”

I trust that this will be of service to you.I feel that Nancy’s book is a book of prayer to be studied and cherished.

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