Ma’s India Spiritual Giftstore | 2016 | June

The Spiritual Explorer is asked of a connection to the Dalai Lama Dear Spiritual Explorer: I feel so drawn to the picture of the Dalai Lama in the Dalai Lama Necklace at Ma’s India. Do you feel that this means that I am somehow connected to him? Lane P., Dearborn, MI Dear Lane: Without attempting […]

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The Spiritual Explorer speaks of the genesis of The Four Agreements When Don Miguel Ruiz wrote The Four Agreements in 1997, it was met with much popularity. He seemed to synthesize within alternative psychology the four agreements necessary to insure freedom and a good life. The Four Agreements were based on a knowledge previously guarded and held by […]

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Sanskrit Words in the American Culture Dear Spiritual Explorer: It’s interesting to me that so many Sanskrit words have become so commonplace in our daily language here in America. What do you attribute that to? Lulu P., New York City, NY Dear Lulu: As a lover of words, I am always interested in the assimilation of […]

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