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Ma Jaya Teaching

Ma Jaya passed away in April of 2012. I’m extremely grateful that practically every time she spoke, someone was recording it. That means everyone will always have a chance to listen to her teachings. Many of these teachings are available on CD but you can find over 30 of her spiritual podcasts free online right now. As a result, I’m going to share six of my favorites with you.

Spiritual podcasts can bring you into the moment of a teacher’s conveyed wisdom in a flash. Just hearing their voice will allow you to not only listen to something that has been broadcast previously, but will also allow you to enjoy a possible transformation.

That is what listening to the words of a true spiritual teacher can give you. By the nuance of their language and the tenor of their words, you are singularly brought into the same moment others have enjoyed.

Here are six of my favorite podcasts:

  1. River Poem – Ma Jaya first shared her River Poem in the 1970’s. I was privileged to hear her recitation. She described the sacred River Ganges in India and it was both poignant and memorable.
  2. Shakti and the Ego – In this podcast, you will be treated to the true meaning of the feminine energy of Shakti. We then see hwo the ego struggles to keep shakti from destroying the ego, thus allowing the beauty of Shakti to manifest.
  3. Kali Natha Yoga and Kundalini Rising – Here we see how yoga becomes a transformative agent to the rising of kundalini. Kundalini travels through the body to the consciousness above the head through the postures and breath. This spiritual podcast is a real transformation of awareness.
  4. Spiritual Wanting – Spiritual wanting is quite different from many egoic desires for liberation. It is a true and genuine desire to become one with one’s beloved and transform the lower ego. Ma speaks of her own relationship with her beloved Neem Karoli Baba. This spiritual podcast becomes a devotional prayer.
  5. Breath and Light – In this transformative spiritual podcast Ma guides her students through the breath. Furthermore, by utilizing the breath, she shows how one can transmute all negativity and take in the light. This is a very meditative experience.
  6. Gratitude – In this spiritual podcast Ma Jaya speaks of gratitude. Particularly she shows how gratitude can free us from the karmic spaces of jealousy and greed. This is a truly insightful talk.

What Ma Jaya brought to the spiritual podcasts

Ma Jaya peppered her talks not only with brilliant and incisive wisdom, but moments of humor. She was witty, candid, outrageous, compassionate and courageous. We were particularly grateful for her courage as she singlehandedly through an era of prejudice and fear, brought the light into the epidemic of AIDS. Ma Jaya shone light into fear, brought compassion into reality and shared a love that awakened awareness. We were lucky to have known and studied with her.

Therefore, if you have a question about “spiritual podcasts,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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