Beautiful Woman: A New Standard

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 10 September, 2016

Truth is beauty and beauty is truth; that is all you know on earth and all ye need to know.” John Keats, a romantic poet of the 18th Century, said this. For Keats, and perhaps other poets of his age, beauty was more of an abstract concept. When writers of that age spoke of a beautiful woman, they rarely lingered on qualities that we are currently obsessed with in this age of full frontal and back nude pictures.

I’m sure that men at that time were also impressed with very physically beautiful women. Most of these beautiful women I would beg to say came from very wealthy families. They could afford to dress quite fashionably. They also had the time to acquit themselves admirably in the ladylike arts of playing the pianoforte, knitting, crocheting, croquet and other lady-like endeavors. These efforts barely raised a sweat on their comely brows. I am sure that other less fortunate, but perhaps equally beautiful women were forced to earn their keep by less desirable means. In those instances, we probably will see greater aging and weathering on their countenances.

Today’s measure of beautiful women

Today however I would say that we are truly obsessed by not only beauty of the face, but also of the various parts of the body,  sometimes even focusing on parts of the body that were never mentioned in more restricted societies and times. For instance, there are a number of attractive women who are glad to flaunt and remark consistently upon a particular portion of their anatomy.

Some will even enhance this particular body part so that more attention flows to it.“Have you seen her butt?” is an often heard first question before asked to direct one’s attention to perhaps this person’s talents in music, modeling, etc.

A new standard of beautiful woman

Whom do I consider a beautiful woman? My standards of beauty have changed over the years. Today, my favorites are Michelle, Angelina, Gloria and Oprah.

While I was young, I thought a beautiful woman was to have the perfect figure and face. That perfect face must be perfectly symmetrical. I find that not to be true having known a friend of mine who is a composite of Eurasian, Asian, Hawaiian and American features.

The face of a beautiful woman

If I were to look at her face objectively, I would think that it was not symmetrical at all. Each one of her features does not fit into what some would consider a standard. For instance, some would consider her eyes rather asymmetrical. Her nose with a bump on its bridge is never wished for if one were to gaze at noses objectively. Her mouth is certainly not a popular rosebud shape or overly plumped currently in fashion. However, looking at her full head on, you gasp at her beauty—and I mean physical beauty. So much for trying to have the so-called perfect features on your face.

What makes my other friend Lourdes most beautiful is her heart. If a heart could shine on someone’s face full of compassion and kindness, this is Lourdes. She is married with three children, all beautiful like her too and a handsome husband, I might add. She involves herself with so many charities with children that I lose count.

Beauty fades

Even though we all agree with the shibboleth that beauty fades, who amongst us would not still wish for that experience in our lives. We of course also hear that some beautiful women complain that their suitors find interest only in how they complement their own status. But let’s face it, girls, we will still choose that problem. How would you measure the pain of being beautiful verses someone who is born with a disfigurement? I am sure the scales would tip.

Of course, we all know the beautiful woman who at first appears beautiful, but then as soon as she opens her mouth and her shallowness appears, we no longer see her as beautiful.

Here’s my list of four beautiful women

Michelle Obama. Our FLOTUS shows true beauty in her elegance and willingness to surrender herself and her family to the stresses and dictates of the highest office in the land. Under difficult, extraordinary circumstances, she comports herself with grace, compassion, brilliance and wit.
Angelina Jolie. While she is a physically beautiful woman, this isn’t the quality that women admire in her. She does not content herself to be just a famous actress and beautiful woman. She has adopted 7 children and still interacts articulately and brilliantly with the most challenging problems of these times.
Gloria Steinem raised a whole female culture up from victimization and imprisonment in a male dominated culture. She challenges women to be as strong as they wished, not downplaying any of their qualities. She with other feminists brought women out of the Donna Reed life onto the world stage as authors, architects, teachers, mechanics, surgeons, etc and etc.
Oprah Winfrey is another beautiful woman who speaks and inspires both black and white women. Oprah dares to show her vulnerability and how vulnerable women can succeed and still make a mark upon the world. Through her generosity and gift giving she involves herself in countless ways that inspire, lift up and educate a generation.

These women in some fashion confirm Keats’ poetry in that the truth of their characters produce a remarkable beauty. And that is all you need to know!

If you have a question about a “beautiful woman,” or anything else, you can write me at Ask The Spiritual Explorer.

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