Gratitude to Great Goddess Lakshmi

By The Spiritual Explorer | Published 12 November, 2016

I have always had financial challenges; possibly because I chose a profession that didn’t pay a regular salary based on nine to five work. I began as a massage therapist in 1991. Each week I would go to my office on Monday and look at my schedule, hoping to be surprised that appointments would miraculously appear in the book. Now it seems crazy since unless they were written in invisible ink, I didn’t see any. It was something I did anyway. The miracle was that by the end of the week I earned enough to pay my office rent, utilities and the rent on my apartment. I have since attributed it to Goddess Lakshmi, a Hindu goddess who is well known and loved throughout many parts of the world.

How did the miracle happen?

I have asked myself how did that happen? Modesty aside, I have to admit that I was a crackerjack masseuse. I did my very best with every client who managed to climb up the stairs to my second floor office. It seemed to me that the owners of the building had asked their contractors to make very steep stairs. I sometimes muse that they asked for an add on of 10 or more very steep stairs to that only the very physically fit could attempt to climb them. There was no elevator.

My experience as a massage therapist

During the late 90’s massage therapy was still not as popular as it is today. It was still thought of as perhaps sexually suspect and an outlier type of business.

As an interesting aside, although my signage stated,” For Women Only,” I still attracted truck drivers apparently unwilling to make the gender connection. It seemed that the height of their truck cabs gave them easy viewing of my second floor sign. Unfortunately, most of them appeared to be looking for something other than physical therapy.

Searching and finding Goddess Lakshmi

Nevertheless, still attempting to bite through a poverty mentality that surrounded me, I began to look for a deity that could offer me more financial prosperity if I took the time for prayer. And that is how I came to discover the Goddess Lakshmi. I began to attribute my miracle of making my two rents to her and began to thank her for my if not budding prosperity, my ability to at least cover my basics.

Goddess Lakshmi comes to the rescue

In 19933 I developed Hodgkin’s disease and had to close down my business. Worrying again how I was to make my rent, prayers went upward to Goddess Lakshmi. Soon afterwards, an extremely generous woman visited me. She whipped out her checkbook, saying, “How much are you going to need?” Telling her a not insignificant amount, without a demur, she immediately wrote me a check. Other checks began to also pour in from people wanting to help me. It turned out to be a long- term interruption in my life. In actuality, it became a blessing. I began to believe in grace and goodness and attribute my newfound feelings to Goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi a constant in my life

And now 14 years later, through a few other illnesses, the Goddess Lakshmi still responds to my prayers. I pray to her every day and ring a bell in her honor. I also use the Brass Deep Lakshmi Incense Burner, a really great two in one beautiful and practical combo. It is a statue of Goddess Lakshmi and a deep incense holder. Made of solid heavy brass, she is 4” tall with wonderful detail.

Even if you don’t believe initially, take a risk and ask this beautiful goodness to come to you. I promise she will respond to your sincerity.

Om Sri Goddess Lakshmi!

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