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The Spiritual Explorer Receives the Gift of Temple Incense This weekend was the commemoration and celebration of the life of Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Kashi Ashram’s beloved guru. People came from all over the country to celebrate one woman’s life and contribution. You only have to read about Ma Jaya through her many books and essays to […]

Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: I visited your shop the other day and was intrigued by the many types of incense you carry. How does one decide which one to choose? Laura P., Milwaukee, WI Dear Laura: I sometimes liken my fascination with the different types of incense as to how I would […]

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Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: When can one use incense cones and when should one use incense sticks? Larry P., Richmond, VA. Dear Larry: I have to say that incense sticks usually win hands down since most people are more familiar with the sticks than they are with the cones. That is a shame, […]

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