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The Spiritual Explorer Uncovers the Meaning of the Tibetan Phurba Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you talk about the Tibetan phurba? Melanie P., Scottsdale, AZ Dear Melanie: We have a particularly captivating brass phurba-9” at Ma’s India which is literally and figuratively striking, if you’ll excuse my humor. A Tibetan phurba however is a very ritualistic […]

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7 Meditation Room Ideas for a Friend Many people buy three or more bedroom homes where they set aside one of these rooms as guest rooms or luckily, a meditation room. Other choices might be healing or yoga rooms. My friend Marcy, thinking that I had my finger on the pulse of mediation room ideas, has asked me […]

The Spiritual Explorer gives Eliza recommendations of relaxing meditation music Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you give me some insights into and recommendations for relaxing meditation music? Thank you. Elisa D., Austin, TX Dear Elisa: No words can possibly describe relaxing meditation music. In fact it is thought that words stop or impede the flow of relaxing meditation music […]

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