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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reiki is a Japanese word derived from Rei-higher power and ki-universal life energy. As with the word “universal,” Reiki means that anyone can tune into the energy around us and draw from it to heal oneself and others. The practice of Reiki was developed by a man mamed Mikao Usu in 1922 after he did a 21 day mountain retreat involving meditation, fasting and prayer. By mystical revelation, symbols and healing methods and power were transmitted to him and he called it Reiki.

The Original Reiki Handbook by Dr. Mikao Usui is a wonderful and valuable  reference book depicting the original hand positions of Dr. Usui. He then developed the Usui Reiki Healing System. Within his own Reiki system, Usui set forth a set of ethical principles and if one were to apply these Reiki principles to their daily regimen, their lives would change and healing would descend.

They were: •    Just for today Do not be angry •    Do not worry •    Be grateful •    Work with integrity •    Be kind to yourself and others

One of the theories behind Reiki is that we live in a totally vibrating universe and for anyone to be healed, one must operate from and be the recipient of the highest form of vibrational energy. Within this highest form of vibration, dis-ease cannot exist. Disease by its very nature is a lower vibration. We are in perfect physical, mental and emotional health when we vibrate in harmony with the intrinsic healing vibration of the universe. In her book Empowerment Through Reiki, Paula Horan, noted Reiki Master, describes exactly how this energy works and the effects Reiki energy has upon both the practitioner and the recipient.

Work and home environments, geographical and climate conditions, interactions with each other and of course diet and inherited traits all have a vibratory effect upon us. So Reiki healing takes into account all of these elements. However, if we can stay strong and maintain our vibrations at a higher level, we can more easily sustain and cast off lower vibratory elements. A Reiki healer through his hands-on application attempts to call forth that healing universal life energy and allow it to be transmitted to our bodies. It is believed by Reiki practitioners that they need not know precisely where the healing is being directed, but trust that the Reiki energy itself knows where to flow, freeing restrictions, blockages and negative energy.
As the Reiki energy flows through a healing recipient, there are feelings of warmth and expansion, The body naturally relaxes as the Reiki practitioner placers her hands upon the vearious parts of the body reciting to themselves the secret symbols that the Reiki person has learned from their own Master. To become a Reiki master oneself, one must take a series of courses from an advanced practitioner of Reiki. Reiki: Universal Life Energy written by Baginski and Sharamon is the first book written about Reiki in the most simple and non-complex fashion. This wonderful book contains unusual sections of physical symtpoms seen from a metaphysical point of view. One of the wonderful things about the practice of Reiki is that it is a complete system of self-healing. For example, as one awakens in the morning, and is in a more restful, less stressed state, before beginning one’s meditation or perhaps as an accompaniment to meditation, one may place one’s hands together and begin to feel the Reiki energy that emanates from one palm to another. As one feels the energy in one’s hands, it is good to place hands on any place within the body that you feel needs healing. Warmth and relaxation can be instantly felt. If you have been initiated into Reiki, you will of course use the symbols that you have learned. But even if you have not been a student, universal healing energy is available to all of us who have the intention of healing. It is a painless, non-invasive practice that doesn’t interfere with any medical treatment or drug regime prescribed by your doctor. In fact, Reiki is now being offered in hospitals to patients who desire to avail themselves of the treatment Reiki can be also used to treat animals, plants and, generally for situational energy balancing and earth healing. One can even do long-distance healing with Reiki energy. Thus, one understands how Reiki is a wonderful self-empowering healing technique. Of course, when one is dealing with Reiki one cannot ignore the chakras, which are our main sources of vibration within the body. The chakras are directly connected through etheric channels to the source of universal life energy as attached to the spine. As humans, our chakras are not always spinning correctly in the right direction nor are they vibrating at the appropriate or healthy level. For example, somebody’s heart chakra may be wide open while their second chakra or first chakra are operating at less than optimal levels. So the person may feel expanded within the heart but not feel grounded in the earth and able to carry out his compassionate feelings. So it is important to have all the chakras vibrating at their maximum level.

Ma’s India carries handmade Reiki Candles charged with  energy designed for specific purposes such as compassion, courage, creativity, problem-solving, confidence, and calling forth Angeles and Ascended Masters, all created to address chakra imbalances and spiritual healing. Each energy candle comes with the appropriate affirmation and inspirational message. As one relaxes and allows one’s spirit to open to the healing of these candles, one feels the energy and good spirit transmitted by these candles. That is the intention of these charged Reiki candles. Outrageous and rarer scents such as saffron, musk, frankincense, myrrh, cypress, etc. that are instilled within these Reiki candles can only enhance and energize these healing feelings. 

What a wonderful healing experience from these candles. May you all feel connected to and healed with the universal life energy of Reiki!

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