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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do chakras really exist or are they only known by people who see them clairvoyantly such as renowned clairvoyant and noted theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater in The Chakras? “Yes,” says contemporary clairvoyant Uma Simon, who says that she senses chakras rather than sees them. She adds, “Simply stated, they are energy centers and most massage therapists can sense them. When you place your hands for healing over an energy nexus or chakra, you can actually feel the heat arising from them. These energy centers correlate to the various energy systems within the body and therefore, one can conclude that there would be an emission of energy arising from these chakras or systems. “One time,” she continued, “A young man came to see me who was diagnosed as schizophrenic. I felt a lot of energy coming from above his head and very little coming from below the waist. As I worked on him, I attempted to bring the higher chakra energy or the space above his head down to the regions of solar plexus, pelvis and base of spine, i.e., the first, second and third chakras. As the energy moved to the lower spaces, this young man began to speak in lower tones and told me that he experienced “being in his body” for the first time. Unfortunately, he didn’t like being in the world much; he confessed that he had received certain benefits from residing in the seventh chakra primarily and would probably have to support himself financially if he also resided in the bottom three chakras That was the beginning of my understanding of how the chakras work.” Ms. Simon graciously referred me to the 7 Healing Chakras Workbook which shows people how to achieve their full potential by activating the true power of the chakras. This book also gives advice as to how people can unblock the energy that resides in each chakra.

Ms. Simon also spoke of her unique understanding of the chakras. “What people don’t realize is how people perceive reality depends upon from which chakra they perceive reality. For example, if one is not spiritually connected, one’s reality is based upon perceiving reality through the first, second and third chakras. These chakras deal with being grounded, sexual or creative and powerful. If one never rises above these chakras, one is limited by relationships and perceptions of reality that relate to these chakras. It is when one attempts to perceive reality above the fourth chakra, the heart, the fifth, the throat chakra, sixth, the third eye and seventh, above the head, that one is on a true spiritual journey. Incidentally, the seventh chakra has also been called the heart space above the head or the Chidakash by famed guru Nityananda in the book Sky of the Heart. Ms.Simon further explained that in the beginning of one’s journey, one might choose a partner on the basis of lack that is perceived in one’s own first, second and third chakra. Having married this partner, perhaps for reasons of sexuality or power, as one matures, one is sometimes caught in a conundrum of no longer resonating with that partner because of a progression in one’s soul to a higher chakra over a period of time. That is when most relationships become troublesome when there is an absence of connection between them. A feeling of connection is a necessity if one is engaged in a tantric relationship.” she noted. An excellent book dealing with tantric relationships can be seen in Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation by Harish Johari.

Ms. Simon also spoke of how the rise of kundalini is one of the most important aspects in understanding the chakras. “As one continues on the spiritual journey, it is usually accompanied by kundalini, the serpent power at the base of the first chakra, rising through the chakras. The rise of kundalini through the chakras allows the chakras to open and unblock that which has stood in the way of a fuller and richer life. And of course, one’s spiritual life unfolds in a deeper and more transformative way. Genevieve Paulson speaks of this transformation in Kundalini and the Chakras. Anodea Judith’s CD: The Beginner’s Guide to Chakras is a great starter’s guide, also teaching you how to recognize and sense your own chakras, giving you many exercises on how to energize them. For the advanced practitioner, we recommend Judith’s The Illuminated Chakras.

A great and inexpensive gift might be the Mini Chakra Kit, which contains stones pertaining to each of the chakras to be utilized in a healing fashion.

Other books and items relating to chakras can be seen at Ma’s India.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The properties of crystals have long thought to be mysterious in their various formations and shapes. Why does a round crystal have a diffferent effect than one whose edge is sharply cut and protruding. Why are smoky crystals considered more enigmatic than clear ones? And do they truly have different healing properties? These are some of the questions that anyone who aspires to become a healer with crystals might pose. Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall answers some of these questions and poses more. This book is for beginners and experts. What is known is that over the centures various gemstones, crystal and rock formations have always held some kind of mystical appeal to humans. Now, ever since we have heard that wonderful song the Age of Aquarius, people seek to unlock certain hidden mysteries contained within the crystals. Love is in the Earth Updated by Melody answers many of these questions about the formation and origin of these crystals, a truly definitive work.

Some healers place crystals upon a person’s body and expect healing to occur as they are placed at certain chakras. The crystals’ purpose is to clear out any negativity that might be residing in any of these chakras and produce a clear feeling within the recipient. It is very important to these healers that they place the appropriate crystal upon the appropriate part of the body to produce healings on these chakras. For these purposes, a healer might use a single crystal point with a definite pointed end.. This crystal point both draws toxicity off and also channels energy to the body depending upon which way it is pointed.

Crystal healers credit Hematite Point with the ability to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, and bolster self-confidence. Black Onyx Point is a powerful stone of self-mastery and self-control. Rose Quartz Point is for the healing of the heart and emotions. Sodalite Point emanates a feeling of peace to wherever you put it in your home. And of course, Amethyst Point throughout history has been a highly favored crystal, often used for the protection it offers and for the spiritual benefits it bestows on the wearer. Many miraculous powers are attributed to the amethyst crystal in all sorts of cultures. Bringing good fortune to one, driving out evil spirits, inspiring the intellect is but a few of this crystal’s attributes. These are but a few of the points that are carried by Ma’s India.

The Amethyst pendant is perfect for those who are on a spiritual path or who would like to develop their spiritual gifts, and creativity. The Chakra Box Gift Set with All 7 Chakra Pendants is a wonderful gift for anyone who aspires to developing their spirituality. Another crystal tool used by healers is the Faceted Pendulum that Ma’s India offers in citrine, crystal and amethyst. When one places a pendulum over some part of the body and asks a question, this pendulum is sure to give an answer if asked in a sincere and healing manner. It is well known that crystal pendulums have the ability to pick up the body’s resonance in a very accurate way. When one places the pendulum crystal over a particular chakra, one can even measure the intensity or weakness of the energy of that chakra. In this respect, one might think of crystals as transparent healing tools. They seem to reflect and contain the energy of both the wearer and the healer. It is therefore very wise when dealing with crystals that one cleanses them either in water or in sand or salt because of the energy they pick up from the wearer. May you feel the healing contained within any one of these crystals and become the healer of your dreams!

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We see prayer flags typically displayed in Tibet, Nepal, and India. The prayer flags are carried by the wind and are a blessing to all. As the prayer flags flutter gracefully in the wind, they are a reminder to all of us to pray for peace and the welfare of all beings and to be mindful of compassion, kindness and joy. In feng shui, the prayer flags because of their connection to the wind can uplift a depressed area and balance it. Chinese healers have long felt that prayer flags can strengthen one’s chi if placed correctly. When you hang prayer flags, you are in effect asking that your wishes for peace and prosperity resound through the world and that anybody looking at them remember their inner calm. The best tradition for prayer flags is when they are worn, they are actually burned so that they may give off the last expression of prayer. They are returned to the elements as it were, restored to the earth for a final resting place.

In Sacred Symbols of the World, we see the desire within these prayer flags for world peace. On the face of these nine prayer flags are the sacred symbols of the world represented by Hinduism, Native Wisdom, Sikhism, Judaism, Unity of All, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Taoism. These prayer flags represent to us a call for unity and cooperation by all religions and nations of the world sorely needed in these times. When these prayer flags are displayed, we are literally shouting to the rooftops for peace and prosperity for all the religions and nations of the world.

Mystic Animal Prayer Flags are most unique in that they are hand crafted by renunciates living at the Dolman Ling Nunnery in Dharmasala, India. Instead of religious symbols or representations of virtues, these prayer flags reflect the snow lion, dragon, tiger, and sea monster and wind horse. All of these animals are known to be fierce and protective, and their symbolism reflects protection for not only Tibetans but for the world en masse.

The wind horse particularly as represented in these prayer flags is the “life force” as represented in the Shambhala teachings of warriorship. Our wind horse is something to be connected with through meditation practice and then we ride it through life with joy and delight.

The snow lion as an emblem on prayer flags of Tibet represents healing and fearlessness and has long been a mythological celestial symbol on the Tibetan flag, postage stamps, etc. And of course, in western culture we are very familiar with the fierce quality of both the dragon and tiger; the sea monster speaks for itself as to its terrifying and protective quality.

Lastly, for those students of the mystical chakra tradition, Ma’s India carries seven Chakra Prayer Flags carrying the prayer for chakra renewal and healing. The chakra prayer flags, as they flutter in the wind, represent the prayer for enlightenment and restoration of consciousness not only for us as individuals but for humanity also. They are hand batiked in Bali.

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Links to this post icon18_email-1918900icon18_edit_allbkg-1927380 When we speak of chakras, we refer to the seven energy centers within your body, whose function is to keep your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health in balance. They are a part of Hindu Tantric practice and are visible to those who have the ability to see psychically. Most of us just sense them through feeling the energy emanate from various points of the body. If one places one’s hands at the various centers, one can actually feel the energy expressed at the base of the spine, pelvic area, solar plexus, heart center, throat, third eye and finally, the space above the head. Each chakra, with its own unique color, is also connected to a specific gland in the endocrine system controlling our physiological functions. If the chakras function properly, one has more access to the universal energy available to all of us. It is believed that great spiritual teachers have all of their chakras open and spinning correctly so that they can express without hindrance a healing and dynamic force. For those who are interested in greater health, vitality and spiritual awakening, it is important to become aware of the chakras.
In his book Chakras, Energy Centers of Transformation, Harish Johari, Indian scholar and practitioner of Tantra, outlines in a very relevant fashion the chakras, giving both the classical history of the chakras as well as rendering them understandable for practical application in today’s world. Noteworthy is his ability to relate the chakras to the Western concept of the mind and duality. His visualizations for each chakra are enlightening and clear.
For chakra balancing, we recommend Ma Jaya’s Chakra Balancing Meditation, with Painting. Noted spiritual teacher Ma Jaya actually provides what is known in Tantric teaching a yantra, similar to a mandala, in that it focuses the mind with great clarity upon the chakras, enabling the aspirant to heightened awareness of the chakras and the ability to balance them. Using flute, tuning forks, harp and Tibetan bowls, Jonathan Goldman in Chakra Chants II synthesizes sacred vowel sounds and vibrational frequencies of the chakras that will enhance your ability to become aware of the chakras. Also included are visualization exercises to further chakra balancing. And for those of us who want to be always mindful of the chakras, there is the beautiful silver Chakra Bracelet with semi-precious stones relating to all seven chakras:

  • Garnet/red for Root Chakra
  • Carnelian/orange for Sacral Chakra
  • Citrine/yellow for Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Onyx/green for Heart Chakra
  • Turquoise for Throat Chakra
  • Lapis lazuli/blue for Third Eye Chakra
  • Amethyst/purple for Crown Chakra


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