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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When we speak of chakras, we refer to the seven energy centers within your body, whose function is to keep your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health in balance. They are a part of Hindu Tantric practice and are visible to those who have the ability to see psychically. Most of us just sense them through feeling the energy emanate from various points of the body. If one places one’s hands at the various centers, one can actually feel the energy expressed at the base of the spine, pelvic area, solar plexus, heart center, throat, third eye and finally, the space above the head. Each chakra, with its own unique color, is also connected to a specific gland in the endocrine system controlling our physiological functions. If the chakras function properly, one has more access to the universal energy available to all of us. It is believed that great spiritual teachers have all of their chakras open and spinning correctly so that they can express without hindrance a healing and dynamic force. For those who are interested in greater health, vitality and spiritual awakening, it is important to become aware of the chakras.
In his book Chakras, Energy Centers of Transformation, Harish Johari, Indian scholar and practitioner of Tantra, outlines in a very relevant fashion the chakras, giving both the classical history of the chakras as well as rendering them understandable for practical application in today’s world. Noteworthy is his ability to relate the chakras to the Western concept of the mind and duality. His visualizations for each chakra are enlightening and clear.
For chakra balancing, we recommend Ma Jaya’s Chakra Balancing Meditation, with Painting. Noted spiritual teacher Ma Jaya actually provides what is known in Tantric teaching a yantra, similar to a mandala, in that it focuses the mind with great clarity upon the chakras, enabling the aspirant to heightened awareness of the chakras and the ability to balance them. Using flute, tuning forks, harp and Tibetan bowls, Jonathan Goldman in Chakra Chants II synthesizes sacred vowel sounds and vibrational frequencies of the chakras that will enhance your ability to become aware of the chakras. Also included are visualization exercises to further chakra balancing. And for those of us who want to be always mindful of the chakras, there is the beautiful silver Chakra Bracelet with semi-precious stones relating to all seven chakras:

  • Garnet/red for Root Chakra
  • Carnelian/orange for Sacral Chakra
  • Citrine/yellow for Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Onyx/green for Heart Chakra
  • Turquoise for Throat Chakra
  • Lapis lazuli/blue for Third Eye Chakra
  • Amethyst/purple for Crown Chakra


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