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> Imagine wearing jewelry that is both attractive and spiritual. That is Hindu Jewelry. Hindu Jewelry as worn around the neck as a pendant usually conveys to people “I am a spiritual person.” When one wears Hindu jewelry, especially if you wear it during day at your work, it is as if you are saying your mantra for at least eight hours a day. The particular Hindu jewelry that you select reflects your consciousness and awareness at that moment. The wonderful thing is that you may select any number of Gods or Goddesses to choose from. In fact, a different piece of Hindu jewelry each day of the week shows that you are asking for protection and blessings from the vast pantheon of Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu religion.

This is a spectacularly attractive Ganesh Pendant; one of the reasons being it is cast in this wonderful, very strong, ivory-like substance, which lends an aura of richness which Ganesh represents. Wearing this piece of Hindu jewelry you are asking to have Ganesh, the wonderful elephant God, remove any obstacles that stands in the way of spiritual progress. Ganesh has always been known to have a wonderful sense of humor and when you caress your Hindu jewelry, it is well known that he responds to you and your prayers. It is customary to chant Om Namah Ganesh before you begin your day and at the beginning of any new enterprise or project. You will not regret purchasing this piece of sacred art as an example of Hindu jewelry at its best. Om Sri Ganesh!!

One of the most attractive and spiritually seductive Gods is our beloved Krishna, and his beauty is always spectacularly represented in Hindu jewelry, not the least of which is this Krishna Pendant. He is the lover that appears to the Gopis in myriad forms, suitable to their devotion and wishes. And not to be downplayed is his role as warrior and teacher of non-attachment in the Bhagavad-Gita. His dialogues with Arjuna are to be treasured. Hindu jewelry is replete with representations of Krishna in his many forms and we are pleased to show this Krishna necklace in an unusual pewter frame, another example of fine artisanship in Hindu jewelry. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Jai Krishna!!!

This beautiful Hanuman Deity Pendant is oval-shaped and thus represents a feminine aspect of Hindu jewelry. Here Hanuman is shown worshipping his God Rama. When one wears this piece of Hindu jewelry, one is asking Hanuman for both strength and humility. He is the beloved and humble warrior and benefactor to all who need him. In fact, the representation of Hanuman exceeds if not equals the representation of Krishna in Hindu jewelry. Famous people have been known to carry this pendant in their pockets, asking that their pride not overtake them in their lives. Carrying this piece of Hindu jewelry especially will remind one of their aspirations to be kind and compassionate in their lives. What is especially wonderful about this Hanuman pendant is that is painted and original.

This silver Kali Yantra Pendant is an exquisite and unusual reflection of Hindu jewelry at its best. It is gold-plated and bears a garnet shown within a triangle, symbolizing feminine energy at its utmost strength, power and perseverance. When one wears this Kali yantra pendant one is most serious in their spiritual aspirations. Calling on the Goddess Kali, the fierce warrior against ego aggrandizement, is no small matter and bespeaks a serious intention. One must not forget, however, in this piece of Hindu jewelry, that Kali also represents extraordinary compassion and is a fierce protector of any who call upon her. She will consume the small ego and leave grace, stillness and devotion behind. This is a formidable piece of Hindu jewelry at its best. Beware all those who hurt any of her devotees. Jai Kali Ma Ki Jai!!

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