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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hand malas have become quite the fancy item. Worn on the wrist, these malas are not only purposeful for practicing your mantra, but they are decorative. Usually consisting of  27 beads, the beads consist of semi-precious stones, ornamental glass, crystals, and even marble. Prayer beads and malas actually originate from around 500 BC somewhere in India. Prayer beads or malas have various names. In India, mala is a Sanskrit word for garland, Misbah by the Muslims and Sufis, worry beads in Greece, and in Catholicism, prayer beads were carved into roses from which the word “rosary” has evolved. The Sanskrit language and its alphabet are considered sacred. The ancient Hindu Vedic tradition had great reverence for sound. All creation reputedly originates from cosmic vibrations and chanting the sounds of the Sanskrit letters and words used as sacred mantras, while fingering the prayer beads and malas, can make one realize absolute union with God, or the Supreme Being. Malas also appeared in the Buddhist tradition in Asia, and the story is that when a certain king prayed to Buddha for a practice to help him ease his suffering, Buddha responded by telling him to string 108 seeds and recite a “taking the refuge prayer.” While Buddhist mala beads were traditionally made from seeds of the bodhi tree, Tibetan malas use turquoise, lapis lazuli and coral. The purpose of all mala beads, no matter their composition, is to help create peace and harmony for the spiritual aspirant and her community and environment. A mala or prayer bead is used to focus one’s mind to achieve clarity and devotion. By counting the beads of the mala repetitively and saying the desired mantra, the mala becomes empowered with spiritual energy. In fact, any person who picks up the mala of an experienced meditator might be astounded by the energy it emits.

Ma’s India carries very contemporarily fashioned hand malas which are also attractive, unique and in possession of some mystical and healing elements. Hand malas are particularly useful because of the fact they can be used as a bracelet and a mala, when needed. With 27 beads, you can count to 108 beads by counting 4 times.

The Snowflake Obsidian Hand Mala is very powerful in its genesis. Naturally occurring volcanic glass, obsidian has been known to give to the wearer the power to manifest his/her destiny. If you wish to conquer fear in your life, you will want to wear the Sodalite Hand Mala. The gift of the sodalite is that it has the ability to vanquish the origin of fear. Saying your mantra daily with this hand mala will go a long way towards extinguishing disempowering impulses.

White Marble Hand Mala is a brilliantly conceived hand mala. The starkness and luminescence of this hand mala evokes purity and antiquity at the same time. This mala is used extensively in homeopathy and naturopathy as a balancing agent and is said to enhance one’s serenity.

Picture Jasper Hand Mala emits an energy which promotes spiritual affinity between people. It is known as the stone of “global awareness,” promoting brotherhood and sisterhood to save the planet.

It goes without saying that Red Tiger’s Eye Hand Mala promotes clear vision and is used if you wish to cultivate a discriminating view of life. This mala is for the person who wishes to engage a high quality of perception and vision within him.

Frosted Glass Hand Mala is similar to Tiger’s Eye in that it promotes clarity and transparency of thought. This mala is for you if you wish to cultivate clear vision and understanding.
Whatever mala you choose, it becomes a statement of your desire to achieve a discipline of devotion and concentration. Om Namah Shivaya!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The word rudraksha comes from the ancient Sanskrit words, “Rudra” and “Aksha.” Rudra is a more fierce aspect of Shiva and “aksha” means teardrop. Hindu tales speak of Shiva, the great contemplative mystic, looking down at humanity and crying true tears of compassion. In that moment, the rudraksha tree was created. When one visits India, it is not unusual to see many of the inhabitants wearing a rudraksha bead in the form of a necklace, bracelet or pendant.

The rudraksha bead is said to possess mystical and divine qualities. The necklaces which can be very short or extremely long consisting of many rudrakshas are worn by devotees and sadhus. In fact, in the jungles, one can see various sadhus wearing nothing but their loincloths and their rudrakshas. In Benares, the religious devotees are burned in a simple cloth unadorned except for their rudrakshas. Belief is that one who wears the rudraksha is untouched by sins and thus protected from all impure thoughts or deeds. For thousands of years, rudrakshas have adorned the bodies of saints and sages in their quest for enlightenment and liberation.

In accordance with the Ayurvedic system, wearing rudrakshas can have positive effects on the heart and nerves and relieve persons from stress, anxiety, palpitations, and lack of concentration. Known for its anti-aging effect and electro-magnetic properties, there is some anecdotal evidence that people with blood pressure problems benefit from the rudraksha.

This attractive Rudraksha Mala with Tassel has 108 rudrakshas. Why the number 108? Hindu mythology has it that there are 108 Hindu deities and each deity has 108 names. In truth, at the heart of many religions and astrology as well, there is always some reference to the spiritual number 108 in their beliefs. The number 108 is also thought of as the number at which, when doing recitation of mantra, one comes to a quiet and concentrated place within their mind. Thus, it is customary when reciting a new mantra, that one counts at least 108 times at each sitting.

At its center is what is known as the Guru bead. As you start counting your rudrakshas, when one approaches the Guru bead again, one skips over the Guru bead and begins to count backwardly over the rudrakshas to the number 108. To secure the beads, traditional knotting between the beads has been added.

This Rudraksha Bead Pendant, coming from a rudraksha tree in India, carries the Om symbol, bringing together two spiritual symbols: one of devotion and compassion from the rudraksha and one of remembrance and silence with the Om sound. The contrast of the silver Om with the rudraksha is quite striking and noticeable and you may wear it with a cord or silver necklace around your neck. It is a remembrance for you how the Great God Shiva reached into his heart of compassion and felt for humanity. These days wearing a rudraksha mala, bracelet or pendant almost seems like a necessity so that our prayers may go out into the world and our compassion reach the hearts of man.

This Rudraksha Bead Bracelet is extremely popular because of the small and rare size of the rudrakshas. It is attractively worn around the wrist and will receive much notice. It is then that you may convey to people the story of Shiva and his undying love for humanity, most noticeably that he took the form of Hanuman to show his humility and compassion. As you shake hands with others or reach out to feed someone who is underprivileged, you are in effect reaching out with the hands of Shiva and doing his work. The rudraksha is a symbol of extended kindness and service. You may remove and put it on easily with the elastic.

May the Holiness and Benevolence of Shiva bless you as your wear his tears of compassion!!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bodhi Seed Bracelets This special Bodhi Seed Bracelet has 9 Bodhi seeds and one turquoise stone. The Bodhi Seed enhances spirituality and meditation. The turquoise bead is to help you in counting during meditation and is said to provide strength and protection. While meditating with your beads, creativity and intuition are stimulated and communication is enhanced. This simple design of beads and turquoise stones will remind you to stay simple in your practice. The bracelet is tied off at the ends with delicate macramé knots and can be used in meditation or carried with you throughout your day. The seeds are 12mm beads. The turquoise stone is set off by silver rings on each side. It comes in a light brown or dark brown seed styles.

Bodhi Seed Mala

This beautiful, hand-made traditional Tibetan Bodhi Seed Mala has 108 Bodhi beads and three turquoise stones. The seeds come from the Bodhi Wisdom Tree, where the Buddha was meditating when he attained enlightenment. Counting off the beads during your meditation, or during your day, will help still your mind and bring you peace. It is attractive enough to wear around your neck as a piece of jewelry. You’ll notice the quality craftsmanship in each detail, especially the delicate macramé knots that tie off the mala.

Jesus in the Lotus by Russill Paul

Reading Jesus in the Lotus by Russill Paul is the story of how, after a motorcycle accident and a subsequent crisis of faith, Russill Paul became a student of renegade monk Bede Griffiths, one of the first to synthesize two of Earth’s greatest religious traditions. This book condenses Paul’s spiritual journey into 12 steps that blend the wisdom and spiritual teachings of Christianity and yoga. By demonstrating that these two seemingly irreconcilable religions can unite in a holistic daily spiritual practice, he offers an alternative to religious intolerance and strife, as well as hope for personal liberation. It’s a mind opening experience that will enhance your life.

Rudraksha Pendant and Earrings

The Rudraksha Bead Pendant and Rudraksha Bead Earrings come from the holy Rudraksha tree in India. The ancient story is that Shiva looked down on the earth and saw how inhumanly man was treating each other, and so he cried. Where his tears fell, Rudraksha trees grew. It is said, if you wear the Rudraksha bead you do not have to cry because Shiva will cry for you. The Rudraksha Bead Pendant is wrapped in sterling silver finishing off with an “OM” symbol. Wear it on a silver chain or a simple cord. The Rudraksha Bead Earrings are capped on the top and bottom of the beads with a sterling silver design. Either pendant or earrings will allow you keep this powerful bead close to your heart. 5 mukhi (sections) bead. Approximately 15mm.

Art of the Pendulum Kit

The Art of the Pendulum Kit contains twelve beautiful cards with provocative images that address different topics, such as timing, abundance, guidance, and relationships; an instruction booklet; and a shiny pendulum. Move from questions to answers with just a swing of the pendulum, an ancient device used for divining information and inner wisdom. Everyone feels indecisive sometimes. Yet deep in our subconscious lays a vast body of knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. Use this kit to access it. Simply choose a card applicable to your dilemma, hold the pendulum above the card, and concentrate on your question. The pendulum will reveal your answer by the direction it moves.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Malas – Buddhist and Hindu prayer beads have long been known as a necessary accompaniment to meditation. The more common and known prayer bead is of course to westerners and Catholics, the rosary. Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist malas are referred to as strings of prayers similar to the rosary and used during chanting and mediation. The word “mala” means “garland” or rosary in Sanskrit. As the lute player fingers his lute, so too the meditator counts his prayer beads. As one’s mind becomes fixed on counting and touching these prayer beads, one lifts one’s thoughts to transcendence and a stillness descends that hopefully transforms the meditator.

Buddha recommended the mala practice as a path to enlightenment for ordinary people. Skull Malas and bone malas and Buddhist prayer beads reflecting the eventual destruction of the body and the starkness of the self are typical of the Buddhist and Tibetan traditions. One’s consciousness becomes rooted into ancient origins and pivots the concept of self into one-pointed meditative awareness.

Malas are usually made from sandalwood or rosewood, or semiprecious stones such as turquoise and coral. Rosewood comes from an ancient tree symbolizing spiritual harmony, kindness and good will. Turquoise, added to prayer beads, cultivates healing, intuition and creativity. This mala promotes self-awareness and initiative and is known to be integrated into protection amulets in ancient cultures. Coral comes from the depth of the sea and reflects the organic wisdom of the ages. The Rosewood, Turquoise and Coral Neck Mala combines these extraordinary virtues and enhancements to meditation.

This unadorned Rosewood Mala is for the serious meditator. The organic simplicity of this rosewood mala stands in stark contrast to worldliness and brings the meditator into a single-pointed focus upon his or her mantra.

The Sandalwood Mala needs no praise. The sandalwood tree is said to scent the whole of paradise with its fragrance, imparting fragrance even to the blade that cuts it. Used in sacred ceremonies and to purify holy places, one needs only to smell the fragrance emitted from these, usually, Hindu prayer beads to bring one into contemplation of the soul. Myth and folklore alike say that sandalwood prayer beads were the malas of the gods.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meditation has been described as a mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflective “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Nearly every conventional religion has recognized meditation as a spiritual practice. Here at Ma’s India Spiritual Gifts we have a wide range of different meditation tools to help you with your spiritual journey. Meditation tools have been incorporated from many different religions. No matter what you are searching for, we have what you need.

A wonderful meditation pillow can be a great asset in your state of relaxation. If this is what you are looking for, we have the perfect meditation pillow for you. The Meditation Pillow Cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls for a soft and comfortable meditation. This meditation cushion is made with a removable cover for easy care. The “V” shaped design allows for extreme comfort of your thigh areas. This low loft version is available in black, burgundy, royal blue, green and burnt. You can maximize your meditation experience with this wonderful pillow. It is also available at a great low sale price.

Singing bowls are fabulous items for an incredible meditation experience. In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation, trace induction and prayer. The bowls are actually a type of bell that gives off fantastic sounds. The sides and rim of the bowl give off vibration when they are rubbed with the tool. The singing bowl that we offer is great for personal meditation use because of its 4 ½ x 3-inch size. You truly have to hear it to appreciate the incredible sound that this singing bowl gives off. Right now this singing bowl is available at a low sale price for your enjoyment.

The Meditation Kit offers you a fascinating way to improve your daily meditation. You will awaken your soul with these easy to use tools that will guide your meditation into another level. This kit is designed for the novice or experienced individual. Eight meditation cards will guide you to your desired state of awareness, relaxation and inner peace. Here is what you will receive in The Meditation Kit:

  • 16 beautifully illustrated art cards, complete with invocation mantras
  • Sandalwood Mala
  • Premium incense with holder
  • Brass offering bell
  • Achman cup (sacred water cup)
  • Tilak (sacred clay)
  • A 4 track mantra CD
  • A 28-page illustrated guide book

    These exciting meditation tools will guide you to unbelievable emotions and relaxation. The experience will excite you and help you achieve a special level of feelings. We also have other meditation tool for you to choose from. You can view all of our meditation items today at Ma’s India Spiritual Gifts.


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