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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The word “mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words. The first syllable is “manas” or “mind,” The second syllable is drawn from the Sanskrit word “trai” meaning to “protect” or to “free from. ” Therefore, the word mantra in its most literal sense means, “to free from the mind. ” It has also been called a mind protector. Why, say some, would the mind need protection. It is not the mind that needs protecting, it is the spiritual person who needs to be free from the many discursive litanies and programs that habitually run the mind and with which the person is not only identified but to which it habitually relates. Mantra is, at its core, a tool used by the mind, which eventually frees one from the vagaries of the mind. How does one become free by using the sound mantras? By utilizing these sacred sounds, which have been known for scores of centuries, you can produce amazing results. If the mind is believed to be a construct, built by a collection of stories and repetitions, then it takes something very strong to act as antidote to the ego or mind’s constant scurrying to stay uppermost and strong in someone’s psyche. Thoughts are called free-floating emanations that live in the atmosphere; when we feel ourselves attracted to any one thought we summarily reach out and grab it for our own. This thought, together with other random thoughts, eventually is part of a structure similar to a house that we have built over the years. It becomes very difficult to tear down such a house that has perhaps been constructed over a lifetime, or even lifetimes. Mantras, repeated often and with conscious volition, can be effective tools that enable us when we are thinking negatively to adhere to a positive emanation that will sustain our consciousness until we may let go of these endless useless repetitions. By repeating these mantras we are making a conscious effort to rebuild our thought forms and thus change our lives in a more positive direction.

There is a mantra for almost every desire that one has. Since one has desires anyway and it is foolish to use one’s mind to free oneself of desires, one may use a mantra that will not only help us gain what we want in the most spiritual sense but will also control the meanderings of the mind.

While there are certain mantras for specific purposes such as healing, prosperity, spiritual attainment, removal of anger or sadness, in actuality, one can just pick any mantra that traditionally one performs every day for 40 days. Of course, as is with any spiritual discipline, the more you undertake your spiritual mantra, the quicker will be the gift to be returned to you. This mantra gift might initially be the release of tension or clearing out of negative energy. Mantras are doing a number of things in the body. You are placing yourself in a situation where spiritual forces are at work. Mantras not only bring in spiritual energy, but process kundalini energy through the chakras. As the negative energy is being released in the chakras as a result of the mantras, you may see visions or feel past experiences or issues. Sometimes mantras can create a conflict within the person since you are exerting a countervailing force to habitual activity and the ego rebels. Press on with your mantra discipline even if all circumstances seem to be counter-indicative.
Seed or bija mantras are good to be repeated to represent an energy that you wish for but feel you have been lacking. Some of these mantras, while seeming very simple, such as Shrim (Shreem) Eim (I’m), Klim (Kleem) and, Dum (Doom,) can be repeated perhaps five to ten minutes twice a day for the requisite forty days When one recites these mantras, one is actually attracting to them the abundance, artistry, wealth and forgiveness that they represent in a very simple way. There are also seed sounds that will activate specific chakras. For example, Ram is a mantra or seed sound for the solar plexus chakra. This mantra may activate the entire chakra and prepare the chakra to be able to handle the inflow of kundalini energy giving the chakra its power.

There are certain beliefs to be said about mantras. Because they are energy based and chakra-based, they increase physical and spiritual benefits. Mantra also energizes prana, which is a basic form of life energy. Healers operate through a conscious transfer of prana to the recipient. Self-healing can also be promoted through directing prana to various organs. Some mantras are known only to specific teachers and are transmitted to their students for specific purposes.
When one does healing for a specific person, it is sometime customary to place a picture of whomever you are working on in your healing area. Other people will say their mantras before spiritual pictures or at their pujas. Some people write their mantras in a diary and the repetition or writing of them produces a calming effect on the mind of the practitioner. Whatever mantra one chooses, it is sure to be beneficial in body, mind and spirit. Om Namah Shivaya Ki Jai!!

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