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Imagine a voice that connects your spirit to God. That is the talent of Krishna Das. Steeped in Hindu spirituality as well as having a remarkable connection to spirit, Krishna Das sings full-hearted to his guru Neem Karoli Baba.

In 1968 he was influenced by a group of his friends to visit Ram Dass in 1968. Inspired by his meeting with Ram Dass, Krishna Das then traveled in 1970 to spend two years as a devotee to Neem Karoli Baba in Northern India. When his visa expired, Krishna Das returned to the States two years later.

Krishna Das’ unique contribution to music is his avant garde approach in updating musical accompaniment to traditional Hindu chanting and singing, arising from his roots stepped in the traditions of jazz, blues and rock and roll. Krishna Das’ debut album, One Track Heart integrates and combines the classical genres of eastern music with western overlays.

In Krishna Das’ Flow of Grace (2 CDS AND book) in the first CD,, he painstakingly introduces the novice to the Hanuman Chalisa, which he has sung for over 30 years, placing slow and patient emphasis on the pronunciation of this extended song. The Hanuman Chalisa as sung by Krishna Das is a rollicking prayer to Hanuman, the devotee of Ram. It is a 40-stanza piece, replete with joy and devotion to the great God Hanuman, the magnificent representation of humility and bravery. The next CD of the Hanuman Chalisa contains the many renditions and styles of Krishna Das’ singing of the Chalisa, again integrating a straightforward kirtan approach with a more western rendition (“Good ole Chalisa”). For those who have sung this Chalisa, one recognizes the utter joy that springs forth from the heart of Krishna Das in reciting this prayer to Hanuman.

There is also a 73-page book that contains both pictures and stories of Hanuman, Krishna Das’ guru, Neem Karoli Baba and others.

This title of the CD Heart Full of Soul by Krishna Das is so reflective of the voice of Krishna Das. Together with a soulful deep voice reminiscent of a father’s influence, Krishna Das once again brings a full-hearted approach to his chanting. Again synthesizing the western influence, these two discs are set against a background of acoustic instrumentation. We also see the deep-seated desire of Krishna Das to bring kirtan outside of the traditional satsang into the world at large. The music by Krishna Das is so reflective of the influence of his guru, Baba Neem Karoli, that one imagines oneself in the presence of Maharaji, as he was respectfully called by his devotees, and feels the blissful connection that Krishna Das feels to his own Guru. This music will enrich your soul and open your heart.

Pilgrim Heart captures the essence of Krishna Das in his music: that of an open and young heart always voyaging on the path in search of connection to his spirit and Guru. Utilizing as a backdrop, drums, sitar, vocals and synthesizer we see again the merge between western sounds and Eastern “bhakti” philosophy. This time Sting is featured in two composition, one of which, “The Ring Song” is an amalgam of the 1950’s pop culture.

In any of the music of Krishna Das, you are treated to full-throated warm, encompassing sound that sings entreatingly and humbly to the Divine and at the same time touches deeply the heart and soul of any spiritual seeker

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