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Bodhi Seed Bracelets This special Bodhi Seed Bracelet has 9 Bodhi seeds and one turquoise stone. The Bodhi Seed enhances spirituality and meditation. The turquoise bead is to help you in counting during meditation and is said to provide strength and protection. While meditating with your beads, creativity and intuition are stimulated and communication is enhanced. This simple design of beads and turquoise stones will remind you to stay simple in your practice. The bracelet is tied off at the ends with delicate macramé knots and can be used in meditation or carried with you throughout your day. The seeds are 12mm beads. The turquoise stone is set off by silver rings on each side. It comes in a light brown or dark brown seed styles.

Bodhi Seed Mala

This beautiful, hand-made traditional Tibetan Bodhi Seed Mala has 108 Bodhi beads and three turquoise stones. The seeds come from the Bodhi Wisdom Tree, where the Buddha was meditating when he attained enlightenment. Counting off the beads during your meditation, or during your day, will help still your mind and bring you peace. It is attractive enough to wear around your neck as a piece of jewelry. You’ll notice the quality craftsmanship in each detail, especially the delicate macramé knots that tie off the mala.

Jesus in the Lotus by Russill Paul

Reading Jesus in the Lotus by Russill Paul is the story of how, after a motorcycle accident and a subsequent crisis of faith, Russill Paul became a student of renegade monk Bede Griffiths, one of the first to synthesize two of Earth’s greatest religious traditions. This book condenses Paul’s spiritual journey into 12 steps that blend the wisdom and spiritual teachings of Christianity and yoga. By demonstrating that these two seemingly irreconcilable religions can unite in a holistic daily spiritual practice, he offers an alternative to religious intolerance and strife, as well as hope for personal liberation. It’s a mind opening experience that will enhance your life.

Rudraksha Pendant and Earrings

The Rudraksha Bead Pendant and Rudraksha Bead Earrings come from the holy Rudraksha tree in India. The ancient story is that Shiva looked down on the earth and saw how inhumanly man was treating each other, and so he cried. Where his tears fell, Rudraksha trees grew. It is said, if you wear the Rudraksha bead you do not have to cry because Shiva will cry for you. The Rudraksha Bead Pendant is wrapped in sterling silver finishing off with an “OM” symbol. Wear it on a silver chain or a simple cord. The Rudraksha Bead Earrings are capped on the top and bottom of the beads with a sterling silver design. Either pendant or earrings will allow you keep this powerful bead close to your heart. 5 mukhi (sections) bead. Approximately 15mm.

Art of the Pendulum Kit

The Art of the Pendulum Kit contains twelve beautiful cards with provocative images that address different topics, such as timing, abundance, guidance, and relationships; an instruction booklet; and a shiny pendulum. Move from questions to answers with just a swing of the pendulum, an ancient device used for divining information and inner wisdom. Everyone feels indecisive sometimes. Yet deep in our subconscious lays a vast body of knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. Use this kit to access it. Simply choose a card applicable to your dilemma, hold the pendulum above the card, and concentrate on your question. The pendulum will reveal your answer by the direction it moves.

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Ma’s India is constantly on the search for exciting new spiritually-oriented products. Each week we introduce new jewelry or books or even, this week, puzzles. Who would of thought we’d have puzzles? With the fantastic artwork of spiritual artist, Pieter Weltevrede, we couldn’t resist.

Check out our new Heart and Om rings. Both are beautiful sterling silver that you have to see to really appreciate. The Heart Ring is the symbol for not only love, but compassion. It’s been used for centuries in writings and ceremonies related to love and romance. Wear the OM Ring and let the sound of OM repeat and resonate throughout your life. Engravedthree times around your finger makes it a mantra. Choose either one and you can’t make a mistake. 

Jigsaw puzzles are great tools for helping you quiet your mind. Spend hours in a meditation-like state putting together either the Chakra or Ganesh Jigsaw Puzzles. The artwork on both is by the spiritually inspired artist Pieter Weltevrede. While working the Chakra Puzzle you can focus on balancing your Chakras to bring you spiritual health. 

Ganesh is the Hindu God known as the remover of obstacles. Finish the Ganesh Puzzle and you will have overcome an obstacle yourself. Both puzzles are 15in x 21in with 513 pieces each.

Our new Faceted Pendulums and Polished & Tapered Pendulum are designed to help you predict “the answer” to life’s questions. The most popular pendants are made of crystal but are often found from precious and semi-precious stones. Allow yours to dangle freely as you ask that all-important question. 

Depending on how it swings, you will have your answer. Our new pendulums come in quartz, citrine and amethyst with a sterling silver chain.

Have you thought of using the personality types of Carl Jung to explain the tarot? Rose Gwain’s Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot uses Jung’s personality types combined with the guiding principles of the Tarot. She shows you how the tarot can be used as a tool to refocus your personality from the ego to the self. It will also be able to help you gain insight into personal issues.

The Therapeutic Yoga Kit combines the gentle healing of Therapeutic Yoga and the quiet awareness of a yin practice to present 16 gentle postures that relieve stress and fatigue and promote recovery from injury and illness. Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of Restorative Yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, and meditation that releases the body from the fight-or-flight response caused by traumatic events and life’s everyday stresses. A yin practice encourages the attitude of acceptance and helps you leave behind our yang need for constant striving and action. Contains a deck of 16 posture cards and a 75-minute audio CD of guided practice.

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