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September 28, 2010 on 11:00 am


Samadhi, The Highest Form of Wisdom by Swami Rama

Dear Spiritual Explorer: Pave the path to achieve the following: 1. Sleep without sleeping 2. See without seeing 3. Listen without Listening 4. Breath without Breathing 5. Smell without smelling 6. Eat without eating 7. Taste without tasting 8. Speak without speaking 9. Go without going 10. Feel without feeling

11. Be as a child without childishness.

Pandurangan from Chennai, India

Dear Pandurangan: I must say that I was at first confused by your question because it seemed to b e a riddle similar to Japanese koans. However, as I considered it, I realized you were speaking of a state called “samadhi”, of which I have done a lot of reading and inquiry. While I myself am not an expert on this exalted state, I can refer you to Swami Rama who has written a book called Samadhi, The Highest State of Wisdom Yoga the Sacred Science, Vol. 1.

Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

Samadhi is a form of concentrated meditation whereby one merges with one’s object of concentration or with one’s soul. Daily meditation is required to attain samadhi. The initial experience of it is enlightenment and it is the beginning of the process of meditating to attain self-realization. A lesser form of samadhi is where the person is only conscious of the inner world, but with nirvakalpa samadhi, the highest samadhi which great saints enjoy, they are in touch with both outer and inner reality simultaneously.

Some revered masters, notably the great Arunachala saint, Ramana Maharshi, entered the state of samadhi and people had to minister to him as he lost consciousness of his body. If they did not do so, his body would die purportedly after 21 days, and he would enter what is called “Maha Samadhi,” the “great samadhi. These saints are very revered in India for their high states of consciousness, and there are people who keep their bodies alive while they reside in that state. Oftentimes, ashrams are then built around them. Both the Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Talks with Ramana Maharshi are fascinating books about this great saint.

Talks with Ramana Maharshi

To refer back to your question, it is similar to a sleep without sleeping, speaking without speaking, and all those other attributes you noted. These saints do indeed breathe without breathing, and that is why their bodies must be cared for since they no longer respond to the five senses and are just fixed on a certain reality from within Finally, as your question stated, these saints becomes “childlike without childishness.”

Samadhi is the place of utmost wisdom and knowing. When these saints come back from their samadhi experience, they are the wise ones amongst us. Their gift to us is that they choose to continue in their bodies so that they may teach us of their wisdom and encourage us to experience the same for ourselves.

I enjoyed answering your question. Thank you.

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