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October 18, 2010 on 11:00 am

Dear Spiritual Explorer: I have received a hundred dollar gift certificate to spend on Ma’s India and I want to get so many things but can’t decide what could be a real deal for my money. Do you have any suggestions? Karen, Irvine, CA

Dear Karen: I’m glad you wrote me with that request because as I was looking at some of the items in Ma’s India today I said to myself, “Hey, that’s a real deal.”


Lakshmi Statue

Here are some of the items at Ma’s India which I think could be great gifts. I was amazed at the oh-so-pretty Laxmi statue (5 inches) made of resin which sells for $19.95. My brother-in-law wanted me to buy a Laxmi statue two weeks ago at Ma’s India and was willing to spend $50.00; but my heart fell in love with

the beautiful face on this little Laxmi statue and I sent that to him instead. Needless to say, he too was thrilled with both the price and the statue’s comeliness. It’s very fitting that in this instance she should be named the Goddess of Prosperity. Another great reasonable find at Ma’s India is the pocket statue of Crawling Ganesh 1 1/4” for $6.95.

Crawling Ganesh

Having been a former massage therapies, I have certainly dabbled in scents and oils. My favorite is the Lemongrass Oil sold by Triloka on the counter at Ma’s India for $9.95. My personal experience with the lemongrass scent is that it is so refreshing and remains an unbelievably long time; it can scent your massage oils, your bath and your home so well. Sometimes after cooking, I’ll sprinkle some lemongrass around and I find that it easily dispels any lingering odors from my kitchen wafting into the living room.


Kali Postcards

A real deal at Ma’s India has to be Kali Art and Krishna Art Postcard books. Thirty-two postcards in each book, they display vivid images and pictures of both Kali and Krishna in varied scenes. Thirty-two postcards in each book at $9.95 are a real deal. Each postcard can be used for individual framing and provide a wonderful spiritual gift. Ma’s India also of course has statutes, books and other relevant items regarding these great gods and goddesses.

It’s no secret that Nag Champa is my favorite incense. So I was truly excited to see that there was a soap called Nag Champa Herbal Soap at Ma’s India for $1.95 made of pure coconut oil, as well as other soaps featured at Ma’s India. And then there are of course exceptional Korean, Indian, Tibetan and Japanese incenses also sold at Ma’s India. I’d like to recommend Tun Huang Chinese Incense which has a light fragrance designed to create a harmonious environment. The incense c

Nag Champ Soap

omes in three packages with 35 incense sticks, each 12 inches long and very thin. These can be separated and made into three packages of ten each. In fact, each of the incenses for the most part at Ma’s India can be easily separated and re-packaged as gifts.

These are but a few of the deals at Ma’s India. Look around and you will be surprised at how reasonably you can give some delightful gifts both to yourself and others. Here at Ma’s India we are always happy to help with your gift shopping. Just write or call us. Thanks for writing, Spiritual Explorer.

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