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Ask the Spiritual Explorer Dear Spiritual Explorer: Can you recommend to me a mala that will give me strength and endurance to pass my university test? Joan H., Jupiter, FL Dear Joan: With your question in mind, I chose a mala for you that I can’t put down myself. It’s the Rosewood, Turquoise & Coral […]

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Hand malas have become quite the fancy item. Worn on the wrist, these malas are not only purposeful for practicing your mantra, but they are decorative. Usually consisting of  27 beads, the beads consist of semi-precious stones, ornamental glass, crystals, and even marble. Prayer beads and malas actually originate from around 500 BC somewhere in […]

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The word rudraksha comes from the ancient Sanskrit words, “Rudra” and “Aksha.” Rudra is a more fierce aspect of Shiva and “aksha” means teardrop. Hindu tales speak of Shiva, the great contemplative mystic, looking down at humanity and crying true tears of compassion. In that moment, the rudraksha tree was created. When one visits India, […]

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