Blue Fire Soul – Clearance

Blue Fire Soul by Suzanne Sterling will fills your need. Sterling, hailed by many as a ‘musical priestess,’ has had her music commissioned for films, theater, and DVDs. Sterling performed in the World Festival of Sacred Music, which was hosted by H.H. the Dalai Lama. Sterling led the world’s longest Spiral Dance in 2005, where 5,000 people participated at the Earth Dance celebration These are just a few of her many performances. The award winning documentary “Gifting It,” featured Sterling’s music. Her yoga music is on the best-selling “Vinyasa Flow Yoga I and II with Seane Corn,” the postnatal Yoga DVD “Yoga Bonding,” and the DVD “Yoga from the Heart”, again with Seane Corn. When not creating sacred music or leading retreats and workshops, Sterling is active in “Bare Witness” Humanitarian Tours. Here Sterling seeks funds from the yoga community for third world service related trips to benefit disadvantaged children world-wide.

In Blue Fire Soul, Sterling combines her talents with Christopher Krotky. Together they create electronic kirtan music. The beat of their kirtan music can be intimate or epic. Sterling invites you in Blue Fire Soul to open the doors of your perception and step into your true nature. Blue Fire Soul contains kirtan to Saraswati (the Indian Goddess of Music), the freedom chant Jai Ma, Nataraj (Lord Shiva dancing in the flames), and the lovely Kali Durge – among others. It is a CD you will delight in listening to.-

  • Blue Fire Soul is a CD you can dance to, use for yoga practice, celebrations or inspiration – or all four!
  • Suzanne Sterling’s Blue Fire Soul offers Sanskrit mantras and power yoga music with an electronic beat.
  • Blue Fire Soul was designed to assist your yoga journey…New Age kirtan music to inspire.

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