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Are you stressed out? Is your mind driving you crazy? Prayer beads are tools meant to be used to help you remove stresses from your life. These prayer beads have different names in different cultures and differing numbers of beads, but all work to help you let go and find relief.Prayer beads vary in number according to the religion. The tesbih (tasbih or misbaha) of Islam have 33 or 99 beads. Baha’I malas have either 19 or 95 beads on the main part and 5 more beads attached separately. Roman Catholic rosaries are made with 54 beads plus 5 separate beads. Orthodox Catholic rosaries have a different configuration as does a Greek komboloi. Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh malas have 108 beads, or a number of beads that will exactly divide 108, such as 27. Whatever the number, the running your finger over the beads reduces stress.

The origin of the use of prayer beads traces back to ancient Hinduism where they are called japa malas.The word mala means garland or wreath and japa means repeating a spiritual word or a collection of words (mantra). Practitioners without a spiritual purpose find the simple repetition of a positive word works to calm the mind and diminish the effects of stress. Our bodhi inlay wrist mala will meet all your needs. –

  • Each bead is inset with contrasting colorful inlays.
  • The wrist mala has 27 beads and a fabric tassle.
  • Ma’s India’s bodhi inlay wrist mala can be used for simple relaxation or for spiritual purposes.

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