The Bond Between Women


A Journey to Fierce China GallandPart travel memoir, part spiritual pilgrimage, and part call to action, The Bond Between Women takes the reader to Nepal, India, Brazil, Argentina, and back to America to meet women – both mythological and real – of fierce compassion. Their stories form the heart of this narrative, into which Galland weaves strands of her own searing, personal journey. Re-creations of ancient myths of goddesses from around the world thread through this story of the power of the bond between women. In Nepal, a woman doctor tirelessly rescues children who have been sold to Indian brothels. In India, an international women’s campaign works to help clean the waters of the Ganges. In Brazil, a woman teaches street children in a makeshift school under a Rio freeway. In Argentina, the Mothers of the Disappeared bear witness against a government that stole the lives of their children. In the United States, Mother Teresa’s Sisters feed the homeless, and a Buddhist nun teaches peacemaking, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Around the world, women are working for healing, and the lives of these women reveal an unusual source of strength: the fierceness of compassion, symbolized in ancient icons, images, and archetypes of the divine feminine. Known to Buddhists in Nepal and Tibet as Tara, to Hindus in India as the goddess Durga, to Catholics in Europe and Latin America as the Black Madonna, and as Jemanja in the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomble, this fierce divine feminine arises when the world is on the brink of destruction, and saves us, the ancient stories say. Galland shows us that help comes from forgotten quarters, from what has been lost, rejected, and marginalized, and that though the world may be threatened, it is also being saved, by countless acts of courage, kindness, and fierce compassion.

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