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This statue of Mother Kali shows her standing atop her consort Lord Shiva, both feet upon his supine body. Shiva is surrendered to the Mother and just look where he is gazing. Kali stands on Shiva because she cannot exist without Shiva, and he cannot reveal himself without Kali. In this pose Kali is known as Bhavatarini, the redeemer of the universe.

Bhavatarini’s name means “she who takes her devotees across the ocean of existence.” She is one of the benevolent aspects of Mother Kali. In 1855 a famous temple was build to this aspect of Mother Kali on the banks of the Hooghly River in India. It is here that the respected mystical poet of Mother Kali, Ramakrishna, lived for 30 years with his wife Sharada Devi. The poetry of Ramakrishna will fill you with verbal images and insights about Kali. Elizabeth Usha Hardings’ book Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakineswar describes the temple today as well as its history plus including many excellent photos of Mother Kali. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for your meditations with this statue of Mother Kali. –

  • Kali is the Hindu deity that removes what you do not need on your spiritual path.
  • This Brass Kali Statue at 4.5” tall is an affordable and an attractive treat for yourself or as a gift for a special friend.
  • Constructed of heavy weight brass with minimal yet clear details.

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