Brass Kali Statue 6″ – Kali

When Kali carries her sword in her right hand and has her left foot on Shiva’s chest, she is known as Smashan Kali or a fearful or cremation ground Kali. As you gaze upon this statue, think of Kali swinging that sword to cut away your ego and your attachments. Right below is her open hand, which is showering you with blessings and boons. Looking at the statue you begin to understand why Kali is called the goddess of destruction and creation.

You might be asking yourself: “Why would I want to meditate on a Mother Kali of the cremation ground?” Followers of tantra believe when you practice spiritual disciplines in the cremation ground you quickly transcend duality (good-bad, love-hate, etc.), moving along faster than one who blocks out the unpleasant aspects of life. The cremation ground helps you renounce your mind and get rid of attachment to your body. It is in the cremation ground the five elements are burnt and destroyed, which symbolizes dissolving anger, lust, attachments and other binding emotions, feelings, and ideas. The burning that is talked about occurs in your heart, where Kali dwells. Our half-foot tall Kali gives you plenty to ponder and will enhance your altar or puja. –

  • This Brass Kali Statue is one of our favorites. We carried her for many years and then lost the supplier. We are happy that she is back.
  • At 6” tall, the Brass Kali Statue is the perfect size to meditate upon to ask her to destroy your ego with her sharp knife, which slices through the world’s illusions.
  • This particular pose of Kali is known as the Smashan or cremation ground Kali.
  • She dissolves your blackness and any binding ideas, feelings or emotions.

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