Beaded OM Wall Hanging – Specials

Our visually ornate Beaded Brass OM Wall Art piece satisfies on many levels. You can sit back and enjoy the interplay of the colors and intricacy of the bead work. You can contemplate the significance of OM in life. You can use it as a reminder to meditate. You can use the sound of OM to help you fight disease by combining saying it over-and-over again with yoga’s pranayama techniques. Use our Beaded Brass OM Wall Art as a gentle reminder. The symbol of OM (the primal sound) stands for your goal in spiritual practices. This Sanskrit symbol is sacred in Hinduism. It represents the impersonal absolute – omnipresent, omnipotent, and the source of all existence. Because the impersonal absolute is incomprehensible, Hinduism has given it a symbol to assist you in your spiritual reflections. The concept of OM is huge, representing both the manifest and un-manifest aspects of God. The Beaded Brass OM Wall Art is beautiful and mystical all at the same time. OM is not a word, rather it is an intonation. If repeated correctly, the vibrations produced by the sound will penetrate to the core of your being. These vibrations created by saying OM neutralize the peaks and valleys of disharmony to produce within you an inner peace, harmony and even bliss. Your internal vibrations come in sync with the vibration of the universe. In this way your own awareness expands, and your body heals. –

  • The three sounds in OM (a-u-m) symbolize the past (Lord Brahma, creation), present (Lord Vishnu, preservation) and future (Lord Shiva, destruction).
  • Our beaded OM wall art is hand-made of solid brass and studded beads in turquoise and orange.
  • Surrounding the brass OM is the “Gayantri Mantra” in Sanskrit script. This is the foremost mantra in Hinduism. It means: “May the almighty God illuminate our intellect to lead us along the righteous path.”
  • Brass OM art with beads is 7.5” in diameter.

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