Brass Om Wall Hanging Etched – 6.5 in – Specials

If you understand the physics of sound and waves, the helpfulness of OM in your life makes perfect sense. Even if you don’t, there is visual appeal to our Brass OM Wall Hanging that is quite apart from science or even symbolism. Our OM wall hanging is pleasing to the eye, with etched character, and interesting bends, dips, and lines.

Physically, repeating the sound of OM – pronounced as the ‘om’ in ‘home – creates a certain sound wave. This wave affects all the fluids in your body (remember we are 90+% water) and over time your body’s water is making wavelets similar to the sound waves you are saying. Think of the waves a jet makes when it passes over water. These waves smooth out the effects of stress on your body’s fluids, creating a feeling of inner peace and calm. In addition, when you recite OM rhythmically there is an inevitable period of silence between each successive OM. This silence represents the fourth state of human consciousness (the other three being awake, dream, and deep sleep) called the ‘turiya’ state. Turiya is the state of perfect bliss where you recognize your identity with the eternal. Here is where you connect to your deepest self. Whether you feel called to chant OM or simply enjoy the symbol’s artistry, our brass wall hanging will be a pleasant addition to your life. –

  • OM is a sacred symbol in Hinduism that stands for the impersonal absolute.
  • OM represents the goal of your spiritual practices.
  • OM offers support to your life or practices or spiritual path.

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