Brass OM Wall Hanging Etched – 3.5 in | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore – Om Art

How comforting it is to walk into a room and see this beautiful brass OM on the wall. The Sanskrit symbol immediately engages your attention, calling you away from worldly cares. OM is a symbol for the absolute. Chanting this sound, the primal sound of the universe, is a rhythmic way to dispel negative elements in your body and mind. Studies by scientists have found this claim to be true.

OM is not a word, rather OM is an intonation. When repeated correctly (a-u-m), the soundís vibration penetrates to the center of your being. These vibrations produce an inner harmony by aligning your own vibration with that of the universe. In the silence between the repetitions of OM your worldly cares slip away and you become increasingly aware of the eternal. The benefits to you and yours from this attractive OM wall hanging just donít end. Ė

  • OM is a symbol for the primal sound of the universe.
  • The sound of OM is used in Hindu breathing techniques called pranayama to fight disease.
  • OM represents both the un-manifest and the manifest aspects of God.

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