I-Ching Brotherhood Pendant


Beautiful sterling silver pendant. 1”L x .75”W with 33″ cord included.In their wisdom, the Taoist Masters saw that brotherhood is born from mutual respect. They revered the other qualities that bring people together, too. Love, affection, gratitude, friendship, compassion, and admiration; these were held in high regard. But they understood that true brotherhood arose only when two men held a heartfelt respect for one another. To say that men are brothers is also to say that they are equals. In this, too, the Taoist Masters found good reason to emphasize community. The traditional Chinese community was centered around farming, and that always meant work. The field of human activity, and not that of out inner worlds, is the place where brotherhood is created. And so, real brotherhood appears when men act together for the good of their community. Respect and brotherhood come easily to men who do not only see themselves. To see another as one’s brother means forgetting oneself for a moment, and to forget one’s self completely is to become immortal.

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